E book sale still ongoing!!!

Just FYI, the sale of the e book versions of the three starting Light and Shadow books is STILL ON! This is for USA venues and ALL E FORMATS.

Curse of the Mistwraith at .99 cents
Ships of Merior $1.99
Warhost of Vastmark $3.99

This effort is put forward by HarperCollins 360 (US distribution office) for the purpose of drawing new readership as the series deserves. I have every hope this campaign will welcome in a wider audience and spark some spontaneous buzz.

You guys are already my best advocates - do please feel free to spread the word, genuine enthusiasm is infectious.

Destiny's Conflict has the most powerful content EVER!!! and I look forward to a new presence for its forthcoming reception. (heh, you have no idea!)

The next few days could make a world of difference, and I'm excited the books have been granted the clout.

Back to what I do best - which is WRITE - and may this announcement spread the happiness.

I just had a correspondence with my team at HarperCollins 360 - and the E BOOK SALE IS STILL HAPPENING.

This is publisher backing to grow the series, and a real chance for it to reach wider audience. (Bounce!)

Spread the word all you like, this is a blessing.

Also on the e book front, I am setting up color covers for the second two Athera short stories in e format (the first one is already up in the Paravia store), so pretty soon all 3 will be launched. If anyone has questions on how to load the file onto Kindle, there's help available, here.