Dreams featuring WoLaS characters

originally posted by Kam

Honestly, I love these things.

I had this dream of Sethvir and gang back when they were on their homeplanet. They were unwillingly working for some evil Bill-Gates-Like dictator - except his company logo was a pink elephant. Weird.

Then suddenly I was crawling on my belly in a battlefield surrounded on all sides by corpses of trashed computers (it was terrible) knowing that I had to find Sethvir and tell him something very, very important. Something along the lines of not pushing the Big Red Button.

And then I woke up. Presumably because Sethvir push the Big Red Button.


originally posted by Blue

working for some evil Bill-Gates-Like dictator

Plenty of Microsoft employees do this right now, but they are doing it willingly, Kam :smiley:

originally posted by Auna

And having fun doing it too :wink:

originally posted by max

Hi all… I have had dreams about being on Athera but have never dreamed of the characters. I dream vividly and am usually good at remembering dreams, but I always have the strangest feeling I am visiting someone else's dream. At any rate it is always fun to dream of visiting strange places!!

originally posted by Kam

Oh yes, I never doubted that some people have fun working under Bill Gates - my brother seems to, for one (but of course, he could've been brain washed ;P)

I meant that they worked for some dude who ran a meganormous computer software monopo- I mean, company.

When I was 13, I dreamt that me and my friends found Arithon lying in the street and we dragged him home. :stuck_out_tongue: (Well, he looked a bit ragged so we patched him up - if that's what you're wondering!)

And then a few months ago I dreamt that Arithon had to save the planet from alien invaders. That was brilliant.

I can't think of any more right now. But I love all my WoLaS related dreams. They crack me up.


originally posted by RapierIan

Actually, one of the most frequent complaints about Microsoft is their abusive hiring cycle. Most of their work gets done by temp employees, basically interns and such. Most of their employees are temp employees. They keep a strict cycle of hiring and firing to six months, and in most cases rehire the same person to the same temp job. Most temp employees have been working there for years, but since they're only temp employees they get treated like shit, and don't get any benefits. What they're doing is blatantly illegal, but they keep getting away with it, but making sure to always have a loophole to fit through or money ready to settle lawsuits against them.

originally posted by Auna

Oddly enough, it was due to lawsuits by temp employees a few years back that caused the shortened contract duration and forced 100 day breaks between each contract. Benefits are handled by the contracting agency.

Surprisingly, I don't have dreams after my extended book reading nights, even if I was traumatized by the ending. Perhaps I lack the visualization required *sniffs*. I do dream about the games I play if I've played them overly long at a stretch just before falling asleep.

originally posted by Blue

Well, beware Kentucky Fried chicken and Beach Boys tunes late at night.

How many here can picture Arithon jamming pretty well with the Beach Boys? I sure did in one of the weirdest yet. He did a great job, but cracked up the group when they finished their set by asking, "Could one of you please tell me exactly what a 'Little Deuce Coupe' actually is?"

That will wake you up with a good hearty laugh, let me tell you!

originally posted by Kimberly Israel

I've had several WoLaS character dreams - one I vaguely remember had Arithon running around Duke University (where my husband's a grad student) and then winding up doing something like trick-or-treating in the neighborhood I grew up in. The strange thing is, during the dream, this all seems very relevant to the arc of the actual series!

We've also been renting and watching through the whole series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (sounds campy, I know, but the series is really good!), at the same time I've been rereading WoLaS, which has led to some interesting crossover dreams with Giles and Arithon and Spike and Dakar kind of all showing up.

originally posted by Trys

Welcome to board Kimberly.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a number of fans on this board, myself included. The movie was high camp (Paul Reubens death scene being one of the 'high' points) but the series was quite serious in its approach to things that go bump in the night. You'll find people here have a wide and eclectic range of interests, so feel free to share. :smiley:

Trys <- resident gryphon.

originally posted by Hannah

Not really a dream, just a silly, fanciful thing.

I was out on the balcony watching a Bewick's wren in a tree across the yard (listening, more like, as if I could tune him out) through my spotting scope. When I happened to peel my eye away for a moment, what did I see come sailing (no pun) past the point of the island but a fully decked out (no pun) two-masted, square-rigged brig. I just kind of watch boggle-eyed for a bit. Then, presently, a second brig comes floating along after the first.

They berthed (is that a word? I suspect not…) at the marina downtown, but I snapped a few pictures of what could be seen of their masts (link removed)

I spied through my scope, while groups of people wandered on- and off-board… it appears the sailors are attired in 19th century duds, a l’ Master and Commander.

Anyhow, you can guess where my imagination took me.

Janny, I have a question if you're reading this. Unrelated to the above anecdote. Who was it that you learned the pipes from? I thought your instructor was named in one of your interviews, but I've scanned most of them and can't seem to locate it. I was just curious. I know there was more than one… Thanks.


originally posted by Blue

You're in Oregon, aren't you, Hannah?

I could not swear to it, but I think the brig you saw was the Lady Washington, which is based in Grays Harbor, Washington.

She's in demand for films, having appeared in Star Trek: Generations and as the Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean.

originally posted by Hannah

Wow, I think you're quite right Blue. Good eye! After examining pictures on the 'Net of the Lady Washington, I do believe it's the same vessel. I recognize their olde fashioned flag, their masthead, and the hang of their anchor. (Although maybe a lot of ships hang their anchors that way, I don't know.) So I wonder if the other ship behind the buildings is the Hawaiian Chieftain. I should really wander down to the harbor and have a peek.

The captain of the Lady Washington is actually from right here in St. Helens, I guess, so that would explain how the ship happened to end up here. I was reading an article about how he was at hand for the filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean and worked with all the actors. Very neat.

Thanks Blue! Now I can tell all my friends that I had HMS The Interceptor 'parked' out in front of my house.

originally posted by max

Actually all you Northwesterners out there, the 'Lady Washington' and other tall ships were in Ilwaco Harbor for a weekend rest on their way to Portland for the Rose Festival. !! [smiling at ya]

originally posted by Hannah

They're still out here today, wandering around the island. I wonder when they'll start down to PDX. Fun to watch. I swear The Lady Washington was going backwards yesterday.

originally posted by Blue

I wish I could be there to see it in "person."

originally posted by Konran

Eeehhh? *blink* Y'know, I totally forgot Rose Festival was coming up. *sweat* I should go down there with my new digicam and snap a few photos as well. ^^ My mom would think it would be soooo cool if I got pics of "the PotC ship".

originally posted by max

Hannah, are you on that island between Cathlamet on the Washington side and the Bradley State Park on the Oregon side? I can't remember the name of it, but that is a beautiful spot on the river. Your pictures look familiar.

Hannah - You asked - my instructor is Roddy MacDonald, who was instructed by Donald MacLeod.

originally posted by Hannah


Close, but that's about thirty-forty minutes north of me. The island in those pictures is little Sand Island, between Woodland and St. Helens. You may also see some Sauvie Island on the right in those pictures, but I don't recall.

Thanks Janny. I knew of a friend in NYC who was taking whistle lessons, and was interested in the Pipes, and her instructor taught them, yada yada. But it's not the same person.