Dreams and stuff

originally posted by Richard Myburgh

This is just to put it out there for anyone that has had weird (or wonderful) dreams about the world of WoLaS.

Last night I had a dream that darkness like a mist was falling from the sky through a ring of light and that people were either becoming very peaceful or very aggressive as they encountered the dark mist.

This is probably just my subconscious calling out for more WoLaS… Want the new book so bad. :smiley:

originally posted by Annabelle Ang-Bok

I've had a couple of dreams, but not recently. The last one that I can remember, though only vaguely, was a dream within a dream in which I'd woken up to find Arithon in my room looking like death warmed over. I can't remember anything apart from jumping up and yelling at him to explain himself. Haha.

The cover paintings (for the composite image) are in the home stretch - I posted a shot from this morning on my twitter feed.

originally posted by Richard Myburgh

Missing my love badly today. Still hurts after all these years. :frowning_face:

Funny how he always looked like Arithon and I like Lysear, but I am the musically adept one.

originally posted by Richard Myburgh

Anyone else struggling to sleep lately?

It feels as thought there is just too much activity around. and the sleep i do get is marred by very confusing dreams.

originally posted by Melanie Trumbull

Yesterday my order of book ten, "Destiny's Conflict," was delivered, and I read what I could until it was time for sleep.

And of course my dreams went crazy.

The content was very personal, so not going to spell it out here. My counselor would describe the dreams, from a therapeutic angle, as "productive." Yuck.

Well, at least during the dream I was pro-active and fighting back, as Arithon would fight back. The character of Arithon is slowly but surely becoming a role-model for me, both waking and sleeping.