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given the long span of this series … my memory is a bit weak. Need some refreshers on dragons, so here goes: Are dragons native to Athera or did they come from another planet? What was their relationship with the paravians, with the F7? Does janny talk in more detail anywhere about the bargain btwn Davien and Seshkrozchiel? What was she doing all this time under a mountain?

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In SF there is a summary of events that have gone before. Not sure if it includes the dragon story, I think that one you can find in Grand Conspiracy…

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From what I remember dragons are native to Athera. Their ability of creating and distorting reality through dreams was wrecking the planet (partly through direct dragon activity and the drake spawn). Ath Creator responded by creating the Paravians as the embodiment of true grace.

Unfortunately the Paravians were being slaughtered by the drake spawn and the dragons were rather dismayed by this. So they used their true dreaming to find some being that could help turn the tide of that war and ended up with seven humans. They then gave those said humans a task (save the paravians) and all sorts of powers to do so. After spending time with the paravians they had some philosophical shifts (Law of the Major Balance and all that) and were re-named (or perhaps discovered their true names), becoming the Fellowship of Seven.

They indeed helped turn the tide of war and Athera was getting cleaned up nicely when human refugees first came to Athera seeking shelter. Most of the Fellowship wanted to help because they were partly to blame for the catastrophe that sent humanity adrift. However their primary duty, as stamped on them by the dragons, is to the Paravians and as long as there is a threat to them the F7 have to stick around. At this point most of the F7 would probably stay to protect the Paravians because they know how wonderful they are. But that choice is moot since the dragons' binding holds them still.

We also that Davien's re-incorporation is thanks to Seshkrozchiel but the various details of their bargin and what happened to the dragons after they summoned the F7 generally is still a mystery.