DragonCon 08

Who's going???

I have a reading time: Friday, 2:30 PM, University, for one hour. THERE WILL BE DOOR PRIZES!

Also a Showcase, at 5:30 PM, Greenbriar.

Autographing: Monday, 11:30

Don and I will have our usual table in the Art Show area, and appearances on numerous panels. Stop and get autographed books, prints, coffee cups, and free chat.

More, there's an official DragonCon anthology, with a story in it by yours truly called They Stalk Among Us…

I welcome anyone who whats to say hi, slip off for coffee or beer! Make yourselves known and get ready to PARTY. There is gonna be one crackling celebration, too - the reason for that yet to come.

originally posted by Wayne

Ooh Ahh,

Prizes and a celebration…

I'll be there. :smiley:


originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Reason for the crackling celebration?

Janny's got a US Publisher?

Did I just say that?


originally posted by Brittani

Yeah good question!!!

Hey Janny how is the search for a US publisher coming?

We miss being able to walk into Barnes and Noble and pick it up off the shelf and then hand it to the creepy guy with the glasses and the dungeons and dragons book in his hands.

Think of all of those poor dungeons and dragons creepies that we have not yet converted!

originally posted by Walt

From your lips to Ath's ears Mark! Wouldn't THAT be a treat???

One of these years I'm gonna make it out to DragonCon. O' course, it would be extra nice if DragonCon came to Sacramento. Well, maybe it would be okay if it also came to that little town by the Bay 90 minutes down the road…


originally posted by Zorana Lewis

Hmm…if I start swimming the Pond now, I might just get there in time for Dragon 09. :smiley:

That said, I hope all of you have an awesome time. *nods* And Walt. With you there mate, though it would be even nicer is DragonCon went European on us and came to the UK so I could go. But that is called wishful thinking so instead I will have to be the greeneyed monster. hehehe

News brief:

All of the Wars of Light and Shadow, and To Ride Hell's Chasm will again be available in North America in APRIL O9!

Sometimes wishes are granted!

It's been a long haul, waiting for this - more details later…!

That's wonderful news! I wonder if I'd be considered an addict if I got a set just for the matching covers and book sizes :smiley:

originally posted by Trys


Not an addict… a collector.


originally posted by Walt

And if your other half is like mine, and keeps saying you are collecting us out of house and home, present her with the cost savings on painting by installing wall-to-wall-to-ceiling bookcases throughout the domicile.

Full-sized copies of Janny's and Don's paintings can always be hung on tracks attached to the front of the bookcases. Voila! No need for additional pictures or other unnessesary "art decor’."


originally posted by Clansman


'Nuff said! Can't wait for the details, but this is amazing news!!! I'm off to the Chrons to post there…

originally posted by Hunter

Fantastic Janny!

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

*Pours a glass of the bubbly stuff for Walt (and anyone else as might be inclined)*

Ath's listening, my friend, Ath's listening…!

Congrats, Madam Talespinner. That is excellent news…"It's the best news I've had since midsummer"…ooops, wrong fantasy author! :smiley:

originally posted by Kat

Congratulations from FantasyLiterature.net! We're looking forward to posting the details on our blog!

originally posted by dee

I have been away for a while (no not locked up) - what fabulous news to come back to :smiley:.

originally posted by David Gardner


Actually, DragonCon 2012

Look at the first pix with the banner, that starts off the head of the parade…

http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/09/the-cosplay-of-dragoncon-2012-day-two-the-parad e#more

originally posted by Annette

How many years have you been heading the parade Janny? The one below is a better photo.

Still hunting for something else, and amongst the many photo's of the parade, and videos, thought I would pick that one out.

I have done every parade for DragonCon since the start, but for one - when I attended the WorldCon in Boston. I think that makes about ten of them?

originally posted by Annette

According to wiki DragonCon started in 1987 but the first parade was not till 2002, so that would mean 10 parades you were in. I never looked back that far before.