Dragon Con 2017

originally posted by Jonathan Armer

Janny Wurts,

On the Dragon Con page it has you attending, will you be there every day? Also do you go to Dragon Con regularly?


originally posted by Annette

Janny must have been busy, with the renovations and now DragonCon.

Yes Janny is a regular at DragonCon, and only missed one year recently, due I think to a hurricane. Yes Janny is there everyday, although occasionally someone else will mind the table while Janny and Don are off participating in events. You will see Janny first in the DragonCon parade, she will be the piper out front. One day she might tell us how that tradition came about.

Unfortunately it is all over now. Not being able to go I usually search for some photo's to see what I missed that might have been on display. An incentive for WoLaS fans to go is that Janny will usually do a reading from her latest unpublished book, which would have bene Destiny's Conflict. Next year it might be Song of the Mysteries.

originally posted by Annette

Here is a photo from this years DragonCon parade, showing Janny. http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/general-view-of-the-atmosphere-du ring-the-2017-dragoncon-news-photo/841950584#general-view-of-the-atmosphere-duri ng-the-2017-dragoncon-parade-on-2-picture-id841950584

Hi Jon, just saw your post. Yes, we were at DragonCon, it's a regular for us (storms permitting).

Don and I can be found in the Artshow, just look for the huge banner. We always have paintings, prints and books.

The piping happened because DragonCon started their first parade and they asked me to lead it. One year led to the next, and the pipes became the 'signal' to the Con's chairman that the parade was coming in to the Marriott. Only missed two out of all the years its been going: once we attended the Boston Worldcon instead, and once, a hurricane prevented us getting there (last year).

Thanks for posting the link, Annette.

The reading was Black Bargain because: too many spoilers. You'll see when I get a chance to post the first chapter set preview (soon, Irma has us very busy).

originally posted by Annette

Thanks Janny, for explaining how the piping for the parade came about. I often wodered, is Don ever in the parade?

And the article below has a better photo of Janny from this years parade. http://dailydragon.dragoncon.org/2017/the-walk-of-a-thousand-characters/