Don Maitz show reel

originally posted by Annette

This is a show reel of Don's work done for Lucca back in 2011. Not only does it show some of Don's great art, some humorous cartoon art of showing Don and Janny, but it also has a glimpse of Janny's as yet unfinished painting of Arithon atop Watch Keep, which some of us are still hoping to have as an extra cover for one of the books one day.–Ps20
You can see a quick glimpse of the painting at 4.02 58.jpg~original

Last year the painting had been finished because it was framed and hanging on the wall in another video for the HF Lady Snickers Logo Don did.
It is a bit dark, but there Arithon is on the wall to the left of Don. bf.jpg~original
Janny has yet to actually show us this painting, apart from these glimpses.

originally posted by Ypso

It is always fascinating to see an artist's workplace, so thanks a lot for sharing these videos. :slight_smile:
Seriously, that studio looks like wonderland to me. I could get lost there for days, staring at all these paintings and other things.

It would be interesting to know whether Janny has something specific in mind for the two yet unpublished pictures of Arithon since there are no character related bookcovers anymore.

originally posted by Annette

Long ago Janny planted the idea in our heads those who preferred the portrait covers would get a chance to buy custom ones done with the artwork Janny had intended for the covers. So we could get a complete set of hardbacks with portrait covers, even if one is a bit small…

Janny has the paintings for Stormed Fortress and Destiny's Conflict. She might have the one for Initiates Trial stashed some where, and I am sure she would have planned the portrait for the final book a long time ago. Maybe Janny is waiting to have all 4 covers ready before offering them to us? Or maybe she is just waiting to finish Destiny's Conflict and get it published.

But a nice new bookmark for Destiny's Conflict with Arithon on it would be nice. And a better look at the new paintings!

originally posted by Ypso

Really?! Now that is something to look forward to.

The painting for 'Destiny's Conflict' would be the one depicting Arithon by the sea, right? … Or maybe not since the picture's focus is usually on the right side for the book covers (see the painting for 'Stormed Fortress') and the painting with the sea has him on the left side.

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Exiled Returned made it as a paperback cover in Germany for one half of Grand Conspiracy, and it had Arithon taking up most of the painting, I have seen the painting hanging up in an old photo, there is no more of it than we have seen. The back matches the sky and rock of the front cover, so presumably a similar thing could be done for the newer painting.

Janny sticks Arithon in the circle for the composite cover I am not going to complain, although STILL I will not be able to see the heraldic device on that tabard, I am thinking it might be the one for Athera so am keen to have a closer look. Janny has defeated my attempts so far, no one else took a picture of that painting that I have seen, and the two we have are so small. :frowning_face:

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Janny, any chance either of the new paintings of Arithon will be shown at Megacon (March 21-23) or Minicon (17’20 April).

Annette - I don't know, it's not likely. Megacon is mostly a 'sale' show, and the originals that we take will have price tags.

The current art situation is backed up with cover (new) for Sorcerer's Legacy and a graphic design for some other book related things yet to be announced.

originally posted by Annette

Good luck with the sales at Megacon then. Looking forward to seeing what got on the cover of Sorcerer's Legacy this time, even if this web sleuth might not find an early glimpse hunting for convention snaps.

Minicon looks interesting, Pirates and Airships, Don should be right at home. You should advertise on the Paravia site that you and Don will be appearing as guests of honor there. There are only the appearances from last year up there at the moment.

We are scheduled for 2014:

Megacon - Orlando, March 21-23
Minicon - Minneapolis April 17-20
DragonCon - Atlanta, Laborday weekend
Don ONLY - Illuxcon, Allentown PA, Sept 17-21
Archon - St Louis, October 2-5

Anything else is not firm.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks for the list Janny, would never have thought to check out Archon.

originally posted by David Cornelson

Hey Janny,

I think I might cruise up to MN for Minicon and catch up with you and Don. I can't commit yet, but I should be able to drive up.


Well if you do show up, you'll get a preview in a reading for your effort. :smiley:

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Not a showreel as such but Janny has shown us a picture of her desk on the facebook page. A writers workspace. 41/497189690392522/?type=1&stream_ref=10

Now if I let either of my cats do that, they would be all over everything with their inquisitive little noses. Mine sit beside me or behind on a padded stool and pretend to sleep while watching what I am up to.