Does Music Inspire You?

originally posted by Cheryl

I thought I'd ask Janny and others here if music inspires you when you write? Does it help give you new ideas? I think it does me but I wondered if it was necessary to get the creative juice flowing. I've just been wondering and what kind of music would be most inspiring? I think just music that relaxes me and that I enjoy helps me to open up to ideas. Probably celtic music would be good for inspiration.

There's a whole thread devoted to this topic in the Music topic…

Basically yes - I choose the mood of the scene, and put on music to "match" - there's a rundown of which chapters were written to what, someplace - probably on the "Status" thread for various books.

It's a personal issue for each author/creator, what stirs them and launches the associative process that results in intuitive leaps to creative inspiration.

originally posted by Cheryl

Thank you, I'll go look at the music topic thanks.