Does anyone else wish the Sorcerers would learn something?

The Sorcerer’s relationship with Arithon has always been a bit strained. They’re more or less on the same side but their agendas differ in a few critical areas. And the Sorcerers omit things and misdirect pretty much as a matter of course, even amongst themselves. In the first book, Asandir feels incredibly guilty that he leverages Arithon’s untempered compassion against his trauma to force him to agree to accept kingship but he still does it.
Davien is a huge breath of fresh air because while he’s contentious and plays mind games he’s fundamentally honest with Arithon about what he’s doing, why, and what he wants from Arithon specifically.
And, while Arithon continually exceeds everyone’s expectations, I don’t think we see any of the Sorcerers reflect on their own conduct or resolve to treat future partners/cats-paws with any more honesty.
I keep comparing how they treat Arithon to how Ath’s Adepts treated Elaira, and how refreshing their honest support and guidance was.
Given how so much of the current issues the series tackles come from the Sorcerer’s own mistakes, it’s difficult to see a real path to success for them if they just keep up old habits without critically re-evaluating them.

I suppose it depends. Have you read all 11 books yet? I don’t want to spoil.

Everyone in this series does some doubtful things… but nearly all are acting for a cause. The characters have a good reason to do what they are doing from their perspective.

The F7 have a very good reason for doing what they do… they have one main goal…and don’t always have a choice on the how…they guide as they can.

The F7 have been on Athera for 2 ages (the age of Arithon’s sword is mentioned in the first book). The F7 have been around a long time… Mortal humans will not have the same perspective…no way…but there is the law of major balance…perhaps the F7 have learnt to bend the rules when they need to?

I would guess Asandir can foresee a lot of what he will put Arithon through and feels responsible. It is mentioned the ghosts accuse asandir of losing hope and joy; equally he MUST manipulate Arithon at that moment. I would say the F7 are succeeding and are survivors…but not without cost and not without risk. Some of the risks they are forced to take lead to unpleasant choices (and they recognise this). We have only seen them in a space of 500 years… massive to us readers but to the F7 that’s only half of Dakar’s potential apprenticeship!

I’m about halfway through book 11, so there’s time for a turnaround.
But so far the Sorcerers are all wringing their hands because they don’t know what Arithon’s up to.
And firstly, you’d think they of all people could look at his record and chill out about what he’s planning, and second, if he changes his mind there’s not a lot they can actually do about it so you’d think they’d have worried themselves out on that topic over the last 200 years.
I was happy Elaira stood up for him in the swamp, even if she was talking to Dakar and not a full Sorcerer.

Me, too! It seems as if she’s the only one keeping faith.