Discussion for October on GoodReads

If there are any members of GoodReads here, the readers belonging to the fantasy/sf group Beyond Reality are holding a discussion of To Ride Hell's Chasm as their October fantasy title.

Feel free to participate, it's a very nice group who are not your average bears, but readers with wit and active intelligence.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Well, I finally have the book…

*looks sheepishly at the Talespinner*

but will have to offer my take a bit later in the month (they appear to accept comments after the month has passed…I realize this isn't the point, but discussion is discussion, whenever it occurs…). Am looking forward to the read, but must finish Elves of Cintra and a non fantasy book, Leviathan, first.

I'm delighted to hear you have the book at last! Any timing is good.

The discussion stays visible for a bit, yet (scroll down to find it) and I think the group vote that ranks title as a group read, when you've finished, stays open for a while, too.

So you've time to catch up!

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Actually, I picked up my copy of the book on EBay. Normally, I would pick it up from a bookstore , and not second hand, but this particular copy bears your signature, good Talespinner. Since I don't seem to get to book signings in your neck of the woods often (ever!), it seemed the best chance for such…