Destiny's Conflict book icon

Just got a mass market copy of Destiny’s Conflict to gift to a friend who’s reading the series and I noticed that the icon that starts each chapter set has been changed. The hardcover/trade paperback editions I have use the icon with the horse, whereas the mass market paperback I just got uses the same chapter icon that’s in Grand Conspiracy.

Curious if this was an intentional change on Janny’s part, or if it was just an oopsie made by an editor at HarperCollins.

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I have realised that my Kindle copy of DC also has the GC chapter icon instead of the unicorn.

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That’s odd, because when the ebook first released I know it had the unicorn chapter heading icon - that’s what’s still on my Kindle.

That is odd.

My Kindle version has the Grand Conspiracy icon.

Thanks, all. I have written to the publisher with the complaint. They were extremely crabby about fixing the scan errors in Ships of Merior’s e book - may have spent all my creds getting that one turned around, but this oversight is logged, I will be paying attention to see what happens/if the book goes into reprint.