Debate for a sneak preview - pros and cons

I am debating the merits of this, intensely.

First of all, one would NEED to have finished Stormed Fortress…next, how explosive an unveiling?

How cruelly do you want to be hung out to dry?

Have at it - what do you think, what do you want? How much are you willing to risk getting burned (in a tantalizingly good way, of course!)

originally posted by Clansman


Do your absolute worst. I am ready, willing and able to hang on that clothes line until I am nothing but parched desert, because I know the flood will be coming!

originally posted by motley

Rrrrrip off the explosives! Hang the veil! Burn the clothes!


Show a little of Arithon's leg?

originally posted by Hunter

Burn… make pain your friend…

originally posted by starstorm

Surely there's no need for debate whatsoever!

We'll take whatever little tantalizing bit you're willing to share, hanging and burning notwithstanding!

originally posted by Brittani

Don't worry I have some burn cream on hand for emergencies!

Just slather it on…

originally posted by Tygrr

Ooh ooh ooh!!! Please!!! I always want to read more of this brilliantly entertaining story… :smiley: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

originally posted by Jo

I am willing to burn to a crisp for anything you can share with us Janny.

originally posted by Clansman

7 for immolation, none against. The question was called, answer has been given.

I believe that the motion is carried!

originally posted by alexith

all "pro's" and absolutely no "cons"

Part of the fun in waiting for the next books has always been the previews. Agony? yes. Bad? never.

originally posted by Erik-Berndt Scheper

Well, I keep coming back to see if a preview is available … So I guess that means: yes, please.

Well, then, no detractors - the question remains, how severely do you want to get FRIED?

The date on the very first page is a spoiler, never mentioning the first dastardly line!!!

How much do you want to sweat? Do you want a mere little mystery or a mad fit of hair-tearing, riled-up, teeth-gnashing speculation?

Uh, or do you REALLY want Arithon to show some leg…he may not consent to this…mind. Authorial feedback on the mere concept is likely to flay me a good patch of skin.

originally posted by alexith

"Do you want a mere little mystery or a mad fit of hair-tearing, riled-up, teeth-gnashing speculation?"

The latter of course!

At this point, I really am going to have to go back and reread the entire series, and I think I've decided to buy all the books for my sister as a b-day gift.

originally posted by Auna

Do your worst!

I writhed in agony over the possible outcomes after reading book 2 in a 3 book series and had an absolutely awesome time conjuring up possible endings - none of which came close. But it was fun and agonizing at the same time and I'm always up for that kind of thing with this series too.

originally posted by Greebo

We are all Vulcanites, the hotter it is, the better we like it. Please note, although we may well live long and prosper (with luck) I do not mean we have pointy ears, haughty expressions, and repress our emotions.

originally posted by Jo


I just wondered how your book was doing in the publishing charts if it goes by that. Also I got hooked on these books about 3 years ago and have bought the lot. Eagerly anticipating the next.

I am happy for Arithon to show as much leg as possible. I don't thinks Arithon's consent is normally taken in to much consideration so I am sure he won't mind showing a bit of leg. Would love some mad fit of hair-tearing, riled-up, teeth-gnashing speculation?

originally posted by Sundancer

I would love to hear Arithon's response to him being asked to show a bit of leg!

I seem to recall some delightful responses to prying questions a few years ago.

Glad to see you are enjoying yourself Janny, the book must be going well if you have got previews ready.

I'm hanging out for anything, but the more open to sepculation the better!

originally posted by Neil

So the date is probably a few years/decades/a couple of centuries? down the line…what can these characters get up to for 500 years anyway?!?

Maybe Arithon will decide to take a long break with Elaira and some peach brandy on a sunny beach if he can find an island somewhere…for the next 200 years…or have the necromancers bagged all the best spots? Or would he check out the other 2 worlds end gates?

Very well, if you all want to leap in and get fried up and fricaseed - I'll go see what I can pull out as an appropriate bath in hot oil…

(have the necromancers bagged all the best spots!!! snort!)

originally posted by motley

Imagine - the Masterbard, an Inn, a boisterous group of young bawdy girls in the front row screaming for a bit of leg… does he satirise or does he oblige?

I'm curious to see what goes on in Avenor: The aftermath…