Davien's conversation with Dakar - TK SPOILER

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After re-reading Traitor's Knot, I am "forced" to finally post here. *wry grin* Janny, each reading leads to more thoughts, new depths found, etc.!

I've scanned many of the discussions in several topics but have not seen this discussed, exactly. Could have missed it, though…

On page 506 of the US Traitor's Knot book, Davien stops Dakar from going to Arithon's aid. Near the top of page 507, Davien says "Arithon once told me the wish of his heart. Would you deny him the tempering experience he needs to achieve his most cherished desire?"

This made me go back to Peril's Gate. In the five sided room after the maze (page 672) Arithon faces what seems to be his most cherished desire when faced with the possibility of life with Elaira, music, a family of gifted children, etc.?

So my thought is: Is Davien working for an end to the need for High Kings? Could the Paravians come back and replace human High Kings, perhaps? Why or what does Arithon need to learn in the destruction of Kralovir's necromancers? Will this skill (releasing his spirit from his body, perhaps?) aid him in ridding the threat of the wraiths? How much of what happened between Davien and Arithon at the end of TK was Arithon's skill versus Davien's? "The spark of a crown prince's being" reminded me of Davien's ability to switch between corporate and discorporate existance.

If Arithon can remove the threat of the wraiths AND bring back the Paravians, would he be able to go off somewhere in anonymity and live his desired life with Elaira? He'd have to remove Desh-thiere's curse - possibly with the newly discovered abilities of Alithiel? (But then, what about the Black Rose prophecy?)

The prologue at the beginning of CotMW implies that while the Light is still there as a religion, neither Lysaer or Arithon are involved. It seems a stretch to think that Arithon could be crowned High King and still be viewed as the enemy…but then I can't recall the whole prologue and I can't find my copy of CotMW right now!

Janny hints that the clues are there, but I just keep coming up with more questions!


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All will be clear in due time (fifth arc).

Of course, still subject to the reader's own shifting vantage.

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Is Davien working for an end to the need for High Kings?

From Davien's instigation of the rebellion one could conclude, easily perhaps, that this is his goal. On the other hand Davien appears to be so enamored with Arithon, referring to him as 'his hawk' and commenting that Arithon is one who may be worthy to be a High King, that I have to wonder if Davien's motives are anywhere near that simple (and knowing Janny's writing, I suspect that are not). And if Davien does feel Arithon is worthy of becoming High King, with what is he comparing him? Paravian kings?


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I would LOVE to meet Torbrand, speaking of comparing Arithon…

Janny -

Any chance of a short sometime describing Torbrand's reaction to the F7 asking to impose a geas on his progeny? Has this already been asked, or written?

(quite content w/ "just" the main WoLaS story, but never unappreciative of extras)

skeoke - You Asked.

Now, I hadn't thought of that story, but…intriguing thought…!

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You're right, Trys. I'm sure there will be many twists and turns as we go along!

It's fun to speculate and to try to forsee what each little hint may imply, though!