Davien, Arithon, Enithen Tuer, and Sulfin

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SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER (for trys so he does not have to edit…hehe:smiley:

on my second reading and picking up a few nuances…

Davien and Arithon's conversation following ARithons unleashed Prismatic Conscience…I now see why everyone fears this combination…Davien, definately the wild unfetterd Genius sees in Arithon, what Arithon finally understands, the penultimate convergence of all that Davien fears, in mankinds destructive potential, and penultimate who survives the very maze designed to protect the F7 from having to execute their fearsome duty as outlined by Drakes.

We have two primal forces meeting here, arguably the two most powerful presences in relation to Athera's future, secluded away in each other's presence…

I have rambled here but this is the unfettered stream of conciousness here…[shurg]

As to ET and Sulfin…I have just realized exactly how perilous Lysaers existence on Athera now is…he is here on his own recognizance totally…he lives and dies by his actions alone, he is truly bound by his actions, his life and future the result of his being…he has no lawyer held in trust or on retainer…he is truly "alone" here…mayhaps he need return to his original world

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I wonder how his father would receive him?

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Hi Skeoke,
I think his father would feel like looking into a mirror. Seeing a bitter ruthless ruler who chooses to disregard his own shortcomings and justifies any of his hideous actions by pointing the finger at the "opposition".
But then we know that the Rauven mages engineered peace this splinter world, so maybe he is no longer alive as he would surely never agree to a peaceful co-existence with Arithons father's people.
Just my fluttering thoughts…

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I still don't understand though, how has destoying monarchy helped human-kind? We still haven't found that out, have we? And the Fellowship really should be allowed to kill anyone who threatens the compact, it would be much easier. Doesn't it amount to the same at the end, if they have to expulse humanity? What is the cost of a handful of lives next to thousands? (I guess one could ask the same of Arithon…)

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Wouldn't killing someone out of hand be a violation of their free will?

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Davien saw that humanity would, sooner or later, push the F7 towards annihilating them - as the terms of the compact force the F7 to destroy anything that ruins the Paravian world.

So Davien tried to pre-empt the humans, by knocking over the Monarchs. He said to Arithon it was his 'personal version of the Havens'. In other words, the attempt failed to warn the F7 that trying to save both humanity from themselves and the Paravians from the human onslaught at the same time, was futile.

What I don't know yet is: does he think it a failure? Did he intend to chase away the Paravians (who might have left, not to escape from the Mistwraithe, but because the humans were now less protected by clanblood, who are able to withstand Paravian presence) and have them fade into entropy, or did he want the drake binding to be invoked, and humanity annihilated? (He does not like his job.)

Or, which I 'worry' about - has the catastrophe he predicted, that the clanblood system would become unstable (addressing Sethvir in TK) in some form or another, yet come to pass?

Davien wants to be free of the Drake's binding, which is different to Sethvir, who found solance in accepting the Earthlink and helping Athera.