Dark Cults & Wraithes

originally posted by motley

A speculation - the dark cults captured wraiths are similar to those that seeded the Marak wraiths and the Mistwraithe.

Paravians cannot live in a darkening world. What if that doesn't actually mean light per se, but low vibrating energy - of the sort that the cultists would emit in their rituals & even existence.

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originally posted by Eve Marangon

Don't the mistwraith have a singular concience? I seem to remember something about that- didn't Arithon keep his individual conciousness when he ended up in trouble with the dark cult??? I guess that means each soul that’s gobbled up by the dark cults is suffering, but they still have Names, whereas Marak and mistwraiths don't so can't be freed…? Or am I totally wrong??? This is my first attempt at a post, so if I get it wrong, I am sorry!

PS - Thanks to everyone on the site who may read this for some great insights over the years - I drop in to read your comments from time to time, and the insights you have given me for each re-read have been invaluable!

originally posted by Jo

This is why I love these books so much because everyone has their own opinion on what the characters are thinking, what certain things mean etc.

Can't remember where the post was set but soemone said about Arithon being hurt by Davien using him at the end of TK I still don't see that but then that's my opinion.

I'm not sure about the mistwraiths I think they can be freed but I think only by the 2 princes working in harmony, which I think we would have more chance of Dakar taking a vow of celibacy, or they could be freed by a certain mastarbard. Not 100% sure if I am right though.

originally posted by Eve Marangon

Take a look at 'Ships' when Varrien the spell binder is asked to help cast strands - the nature of the mistwraith are explained a bit more clearly there.

Just a bit of speculation here, but does the spell binder in the swamps ever have any other part to play, other than collecting mutated swamp creatures? He is obviously very talented.

Also, can the already mutated and possessed animals in the swamp have a more significant role in unraveling the nature of the wraiths?

Its a long shot, but who knows???

originally posted by Neil

Verrain seems tied up at Mirthlain. This seems to an area where a constant watch is needed.

All of the F5 + Dakar are necessary in CotM to deal with one issue so it's serious business ranking after Grimwards (with/after Rockfell, Khadrim?)

Athera seems a very risky place for ignorant humanity to live :slight_smile: One would think that after 5000 years they might have found somewhere safer to live but guess 4500 years with the paravians was "stable" and it's only recently that so many issues are coming out…

Curious that Mirthlain never got warded similar to Khadrim.

I don't think that the drake spawn have any further connection to mistwraith.

I wonder whether the mistwraith had any adverse affects on the drakespawn: do thay need sunlight too?

Yes, the Fellowship mention that the 2 brothers will be needed to resolve the mistwraith (presumably with F7 backup).

On the other hand , the Free wraiths Arithon might be able to handle without Lysaer (presumably again with some support).

originally posted by motley

Ciladis hoped to heal them, rather than eradicate them. They were one thread shy of regaining freedom…

And that was what was so tragic - because when humans arrived, they were rededicated into preserving the compact.

originally posted by Dennis Wright

Curious about Ciladis. One of the 3-fold segues between chapters (I'm not sure which book), speaks of a unicorn Paravian standing guard over a (asleep or comatosed) sorcerer. I am inferring that the sorcerer is Ciladis. Perhaps when the Paravians believe the time has come that his knowledge of healing will be heralded/implemented they may awaken him to show a way to heal the land and the wraithes. As they need to be recalled to humanity to remember (for lack of a better word) their names. The F7 may believe that Athera's new masterbard may be able to recall them.

The triplet about the unicorn and sorcerer is "Triad" at the end of Chapter X: Daon Ramon Barrens in CotM.