Dakar's Mojo?

originally posted by Hunter

Can anyone explain to me exactly what it is about Dakar that results in so many Atheran women wanting to jump into the sack with him? Quite apart from the paid trollops of course.

Has he stolen Austen Power's mojo?

After all: short, fat, rumpled, drunk 500 year old bloke - how could any right minded girl resist?

originally posted by max

possibly he puts a glamour on himself and then he would be more appetizing [grinning at ya]. after all it can't be against the law of major balance if he magics himself, can it?

originally posted by Beth

I'm not sure most of the time he is capable of doing a glamour. Isn't he getting laid when he is drunk? Doesn't he have to be able to concentrate to do magic? I mean the whole reason he got drunk to begin with is so he can not have any visions.

As for why women would get into bed with him, I have no clue. But then again, I have no clue why some women go out or even stay with some guys. There must be something about him - other than an attraction for iyats - that women on Athera like.


originally posted by neil

Are there any examples of where Dakar does not pay? He does not seem to wish emotional involvement.

originally posted by Melissa Avery

Dakar's famous! Everyone famous needs groupies!

originally posted by sjump

he seems like a lot of fun to be drunk with. maybe the girls are drunk too.

originally posted by Hunter

How's this from the first chapter of Ships of Merior:

Caught leaning over to kiss him, the pretty blond kitchen maid with the knife-wielding husband murmured into his ear, 'I will grieve for you and pray to Ath to preserve your undying memory.'

And I guess it depends on whether you view all the tavern doxies as being "unpaid" or not… :smiley:

originally posted by neil

Maybe there are neglected wives and they appreciate someone with experience :wink:

originally posted by Blue

Since he seems to be a "washout" at magic, maybe he practiced and practiced, and now the women go for him because he's great between the sheets, drunk or not?

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

That cracks me up though. I can see Dakar dancing to 60's music and saying mojo and being Austin Powers. lol Who would Mini me be? lol

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I typed this in but it didn't work I don't think. I always figured Dakar paid well for his fun with the ladies. When you're drunk, you tend to spend more and have good time. I think underneath it all, he's a handsome fellow. lol If this is posted twice, I will be embarrassed. Someone will think I'm drunk.

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Dakar's current age is about 500, he may live for many more centuries.

If he formed attachments, the pain which he would experience when those whom he is attached to die, might be to much to handle.


One advantage which his current behaviour has, is that he does not have to remember birthdays / anniversaries / valentine's day, etc…


originally posted by juliana

Can't see Dakar dancing or using current vernacular with the exception of curses. He is always portrayed as the quiet lecherous drunk unless he is planning some mischief(Ships of Merior,TK)
Also think he is not so drunk when he's actually with a woman(wouldn't be capable of pleasing himself or her)but drinks heavily afterwards.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

It was what I saw him doing in my mind when I heard that about Austin Powers. I pictured him imitating him was all. The character Dakar I would not imagine him dancing too much unless he was with a woman and he was courting her but I don't see that happening.

originally posted by Myranda Rose

Do I make you horney, Wench? Do I?

Dakar Powers, my middle name is Danger.

originally posted by Ryan Gohl

"my middle name is Danger"

Poor Dakar, isn't that the truth though. lol

originally posted by Technetus

Perhaps, but what would that make Arithon's? :wink:

(Greetings to Janny, those others who may remember me from way back, and those who have arrived since I went hiatus-y. Life has finally run out of things to distract me from camping out for StorFort news.)

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

That's so funny Myranda and Ryan. That was my thoughts too. Dakar Powers is so funny. I have this urge to watch Austin Powers now. lol Hi Technetus. I don't know if we've met but I've been here awhile now.

originally posted by pat selbie

Dakar is funny (Robbie Coltrane?)Enough said.

originally posted by Blue

Dakar as MasterCard spokesman?

Cover charge: $15.00
Round of drinks: $23.00
Table dance: $30.00
Another round of drinks: $23.00
Couch dance and tips: $50.00
A round of shots: $34.00
Another round of drinks: $23.00
Lap Dance and Hand Job: $100.00
Private dance and hotel room: $500.00
Sending her on her way without having to discuss your feelings… Priceless.