Dakar and Drinking Songs

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The Aussies on site will like this. Credit to Greebo, who posted this beauty on the Chrons (under The Procrastinator moniker), that I just had to share here. Change the words to:

Oh I love to have a beer with Dakar
I love to have a beer with Dak
We drink in moderation
And he never never never never chucks a spack
We drink at the Town and Country
Where the atmosphere is great
I love to have a beer with Dakar
Cuz Dakar's me mate!

Here's the link:


Incidentally, the name of my son is Duncan (he's 4, so a bit young yet (he calls ginger ale "hot bubbles")), as is the name of my retired law partner. This is what really made me laugh, and then I put Dakar in, and it got even funnier.

I know you OZ landers probably find this boring, but it is new to me. To put the shoe on the other foot, try "Sudbury Saturday Night" by Stompin' Tom Connors for a Canadian equivalent ("The girls are playin' bingo and Dakar's gettin' stinko…). Note that "Inco" is a nickel producer, and the main employer in Sudbury:


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Now Clanny, don't be blowing Greebo's cover…!:open_mouth:

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"Drink in moderation" and "Dakar" just seems so… well, mutually exclusive, you know?

Hi everyone, long time no post. Sorry!! I have missed you all! :smiley: