Curse of the Mistwraith paperback out of print?

originally posted by Melanie Moore


I am almost finished with a reread of CotM and I have determined that I need to retire my hardcover edition. I haven't had any luck finding a (US) mass market paperback edition of CotM anywhere. I am surprised to find that on Amazon/Borders' website this title is listed as out of print. Is this true? Will there be a rerelease of the Wars of Light and Shadow books in paperback (US)?

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I'm not sure about the publication status, but I've had good luck getting WoLaS books through Amazon marketplace – occasionally you can find a New copy both in paperback and hardcover. I've been trying to get the whole series in both formats, one for travel and one for the snazzy bookshelf feel :smiley:


originally posted by Melanie

Thank you for the response, Brian. I do have the entire series to date in hardcover and I used to have them in paperback as well, but I gave the paperback editions away to a friend whom I'd hoped would read them. It is proving very difficult for me to find a copy of Curse of the Mistwraith, Ships of Merior and/or Warhost of Vastmark(pb) on either Amazon or eBay that costs less than $20. I did, however, find several copies on My goal now is to find as many books in the series that I can from one seller to try to save on shipping. I am also considering getting the complete series from amazon UK for myself for Christmas since I really love the new matching cover artwork.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I have them all in hardcover too and never got them in paperback. Wish I had though. I love the hardcover paintings though so I'd do it all again buying them the first day out. lol