Curse of the Mistwraith/July Discussion at GoodReads

Curse of the Mistwraith was voted for the GoodReads Author July Discussion title - in the Fantasy Book Club.

Discussion is starting today - if anyone is a member there, or, if anyone wants to participate in the forum, do join and look up the Fantasy Book Club/Curse of the Mistwraith threads.

There will be new readers plunging in for the first time, so if you start a thread in the discussion, watch out and mark if it will have spoilers. Some will be encountering the concepts and style for the first time, so indeed, it may get Interesting. (grin).

Perhaps the Gryphon will post a link if you want a peek at the discussion. (hint: toss fresh mutton!) You do not have to join the forum to lurk, only if you want to post, and there are settings to prevent stuff from jamming your e-mail box, just click the check boxes to direct the feed (or decline to use e mail for posts).

The interface is not always obvious, so if anyone has questions about how GR works, I'll try to answer them to the stumbling reach of my knowledge.

Seems a nice bunch of people there, and a lot of reading going on.

originally posted by Trys

Here's the link to the main page of the Fantasy Book Club: From there scroll down the page until you see 06/09: Curse of the Mistwraith and that will have the discussion topics listed under it.

And here's the link to the discussion:

originally posted by Trys

Sorry no link to the discussion… just follow the instructions. :smiley:

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

My re-read of Curse finished too late for the July discussion, but in particular I noted Morriel to be far more insightful and a much more careful study than I had remembered from the subsequent books. I found myself paying more attention to Pesquil's dialogue this time around, and gained a different perspective on the engagement because of it.

Hi Mark - the discussion is still alive, actually, they keep the "July" discussion up throughout August…after that it drops to the base of the heap, but I would ENCOURAGE y'all to post, late or not.

It attracts the right sort of notice when a discussion keeps going into its second month, and actually, there are (just now) new readers just finished - they have no one to interact with unless folks stay on board.

Those re-read insights - gotcha! Would probably be of value to the first timers, since they will not have seen everything by a long shot. Just mind the spoilers…

Another group at GR, Beyond Reality, is doing To Ride Hell's Chasm for October…

originally posted by Lyssabits

I think you're right, Mark, about Morriel. She definitely seems more insightful and frankly more sympathetic in Curse than she does in any of the subsequent books.

She's got a bit of a blind spot where the Fellowship are concerned and the more often Arithon slips from her grasp I think the more desperate she gets to avert the problem of the succession she saw him being apart of and she sort of becomes too focused to see the big picture. I've been anticipating a return to the more insightful and possibly more devious Morriel now that the "succession" is less in danger and she has some breathing room… although I think by now she's truly insane, so maybe the Morriel of Curse is gone for good.

originally posted by Clansman

Of course, there is the vision of the future that Arithon will be the unmaking of the Koriathain. However, prophecy often is self fulfilling, and the actions taken by Morriel/Selidie in response to this, insane or simply devious, may be the actual cause of the Order's demise.

"A man often meets his Destiny on the road he takes to avoid it." Master Oogway (phonetic spelling). Okay, so the quote is from Kung Fu Panda, but it is profound nevertheless.