Current Tick Offs

Well! The frustrations sometimes go over the top. Today -

A short story under submission for close to 4 months is Maybe Now being Read…maybe soon. You can't do naught but suck on your teeth, eat your swear words in private and WAIT - how I hate patience!

A comment I considered innovatively positive was naysayed in knee jerk, stupido fashion, as in, "we don't wanna change, it should be up to somebody ELSE to fix what's wasteful and foolishly idiotically DUMB and costly to our planet and our business practices"

Well, if it isn't up to US to correct the crap in front of us, why expect somebody else's children to care?

My webmail has been giving me error messages…repeatedly. And no e mail in 3 days, is something really wrong?

It hasn't rained well in weeks, and spring is struggling to green things.

A person I thought a sterling example seems to be proving out to be all shinola.

New program on computer, deadstopped, due to my technical ignorance.

House: still an under construction zone. Now waiting on bathroom countertop…no sink hook up in sight, yet, but hey, we do have the toilet back!

on the good side:

I have a STORY going. Feel great. Have seven healthy animals and a husband who's fantastic, and no outstanding debts-- which is EVERYTHING. (Counting blessings like crazy.)

Sometimes it's good to let the angst off…which I don't often do, but today feels right. :wink:

Janny goes on and wonders Why nay sayers even Bother to open their mouths. They aren't gonna get off their lazy butts anyhow, so why bother setting the wind to a nowhere opinion anyhow???


Is your email working too? Sent you a message inside Janny's problematic three day timeframe. Did you get it?


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Yes I did. Sorry I did respond. Life has been hectic with little indication of it letting up anytime soon. Ahhh well, better busy than not. :wink:


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Lately we've been getting this access to your account cannot be done in our email, press the refresh button to see if this fixes it or report it. I don't know what it is but we have yahoo. I'm getting worried about this message we get. Can't figure out what it means. Spring as usual is giving me a sinus and ear infection. Worst one yet. It's really getting green here and I turn green too. LOL That's my health joke. I'm always green on St. Patrick's Day for real. Somedays just aren't good ones. Yesterday, everything went wrong for me. The dogs dragged in mud on our new white carpet and I had to clean it all up. What a mess. It was dark, black. Somedays are just not worth waking up from bed. lol At least we have a new book from cj cherryh to enjoy.

Anybody else having e mail to me problems???

Just wondering - - it HAS been quiet in my inbox. Ika - the package did finally arrive. I can't seem to find your current address. Could you refresh me?

Hi Janny

Just sent you an email as a test, with a line of thought which might make you laugh.

Trys has confirmed that his email is working okay, so it'll just be yours on the fritz unless whatever was glitching it has resolved itself.

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Janny, I have just sent an e-mail to you, perhaps this one will get through.

Hello Trys, did you get the recent e-mail which I sent to you?

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I sent you an email of a joke from my hotmail account a few hours ago and have not received a postmaster error type delivery notice, so it looks like it went through from my end (so far).

originally posted by Auna

Current tick offs -

- Not having enough info to do my job but expected to pull off miracles anyway!

- Finishing a task only to find the work completely obsoleted by totally changed functionality and having to scrap all plans and redo them! (only bonus is the changed functionality is for the better)

- Too dang cold right now! But hey, we saw sun briefly :wink:

Thanks guys - the smiles in the in box seem to help.

After an eerp! I'm into the vroom and I hope it won't end till the final scene's wrapped on this daggond chapter!

Today closes: no word on the story, yet. Ah well, c'est the life of a writer. I made another submission to ease the sting. (got on That roller coaster again, fool :smiley: )

I shot back with a deeper look at my own suggestion and made some phone calls to begin to investigate how it Might work…heck with the doomdoing naysayers. It's at least trying, and that feels better.

You guys upped and proved that my e mail is working.

Most people are not shinola, so, I can forgive and forget about the one.

thank gosh, letting off steam sometimes works!

originally posted by Sandtiger

Just saw this thread after the fact, but I am glad you could vent your frustrations! (And take joy in the positive things!).

Sandtiger ::Who doesn't think she's sent out any email in a few days::

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I don't recall but I don't think so. But as I get waaaay too much spam, it couldn't have gotten lost in there. :frowning_face:


originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Trys, well, I have just sent 3 e-mails to you, are you still using this e-mail address? Laurence.

(email removed)

originally posted by Trys


One mail made it through and the other 2 ended up the spam catcher.


originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Trys, are you able to extract those 2 e-mails from the spam catcher, or should I send them again?


originally posted by Trys

They got extracted, but as I indicated in my response, my time is very tight at the momemnt. :smiley:

originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello Trys, thanks for letting me know, the loading of those photos is now in your capable hands GRASSHOPPER! GRIN.

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Janny ~

Happy St Paddy's Day! (?)

It's kind of nice hearing that you are human like the rest of us. I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong. Nope.

It's not what happens to you, it's how you respond.

Sometimes that requires being humble enough to vent your frustrations and share your burdens.

Here's sending good thoughts, positive energy, and well wishes your way (but no e-mail).

Thanks for the stories,
all of them,

Skeoke - agreed. It's how you respond.

The peeling frustration - when it appears you are the ONLY one responding and others who talked like they cared are actually IN FACT turning a blind eye.

I have responded further - done a lot of phoning and looking deeper at the situation. And I will respond even MORE, when the moment's right.

The subject: returns in the paperback industry - this has gone on too long. Nobody seems willing to rock the boat - only give complacent, STUPID reasons why no one should try to do anything.

I can't BELIEVE there isn't more community (as in readers, writers, editors and aspiring writers) interest in sitting down at the table and trying at least to take even BABY steps to correct a problem that's: ripping off consumers, profligate waste, a loan free bank account for sellers who don't have to sell, and killing forests needlessly…not to mention damaging the almighty "bottom line" that's affecting everyone from career pros to those wanting to break in. This practice is killing our industry - the outspoken resistence to looking at new methodology is STAGGERING.

And from people who damned well have a stake in the future of books!!!

Ah, yeah, I am ticked still. Enough to see what MORE I can do about it. As if no US mass market edition of TK and all that was stated in the Curious Mind interview was not a massive statement…

Stay tuned.

Ah - I forgot - the positives!!! :smiley:

Computer program: e mail help from a sweet hearted SF fan has me on track and well away to nearly got it solved. (Coming soon: mp3 files of some chapter teasers of books for download to ipods, etc)

E mail - still twitchy. I have to use another computer…but at least I know that. This one's gonna be upgraded but not till this book is finished.

We got a little spit of rain last night. Enough to damp back the smell of burned grass…may get more rain on Thursday. YES. Pastures without new green grass in spring are a real drag.

Back to Athera…where they're about to get hit with a blizzard. :smiley: