Curious about Havish

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I have to say, I'd like to read more about how life is in Havish, under a genuine F7 sanctioned king.

He must have some kind of role to play, not just as neutral territory on Paravia, but being one of the kings, he could use the focus stones of the royal regalia, he is connected to all four elements within the kingdom. If the paravians come back, he's the only king that can be on the council of Paravians, F7 & Kings. Will he play a bigger role?

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If King Eldir is a F7 sanctioned crown prince why isn't he able to use his gift over the land to settle the lane flux problem in his land.

Arithon was able to do it…why hasn't Eldir done it yet.

I agree with you…i would like to hear more about Havish… I also noticed that Eldir was called "High King" in the books…does this mean something?..Isn't High King the tittle reserved to the King of Kings?

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I believe that Eldir is the High King of Havish.

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Just as Arithon would have been crowned High King of Rathain had his coronation gone ahead. From my reading, I don't think there has ever been a human "King of Kings", and the closest thing the Paravians might have had to the concept would probably have been the Sunlord.

Arithon is mage-trained and Masterbard, Eldir is neither. Arithon used music to fix the flux problems, but had to invoke his link to the land to get all the parts to the song that was needed to do so.

Eldir, however, has received "attunement" not only to the land (Earth), but also to Fire, Air and Water; I think what he lacks is the training to make use of it via focused intent.

Hopefully Janny will correct anything I've misinterpreted before it spreads too far. :wink:

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That brings up another intriguing puzzle: presumably King Eldir wears the regalia which according to Ships of Merior (SoM) were given to each descendant 'to be held in trust' for future generations. So what are those focus stones doing for him? And how far in the future generations?

There is also another reference, (correct me if I'm wrong) to the five High Kings standing with the F7 & Paravians and using the regalia's gems for planetary defense…?

So, WHY did the F5 feel that those powers needed to be masked from Arithon's mage sight? Does his signet ring carry one of them?

Are they afraid the mistwraith will have at them, through Arithon?

Or as was suggested by Hunter in the Waystone thread - could the mistwraith be trapped in the gems like the wraiths of past primes are in the Waystone?

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As I recall, the reference to the High Kings using the gems for defense purposes was for the Mistwraith's initial invasion, when it was contained in West Shand until the rebellion.

The reasoning behind Sethvir and Asandir masking the properties of Rathain's crown jewels was because Arithon was already trained to mastery, and with the gems as well "his gifts could potentially become unmanageable".

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Yes. And he is currently well in hand … ;p

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Another little interesting thought about the focus stones of the regalia - they came from the gem cutters of Mearth - think this was listed back in SoM.

So therefore, are these stones also outside of the compact, same as the Koriani stones?

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I thought they were of Athera but it's interesting that the gem cutters were on Mearth, presumably a very low resonance planet… could the gem cutting not have occurred on Athera? How would this have impacted the stones?

Perhaps the stones needed to be convinced of the need to reinforce the geas traits in each royal line?

If I recall correctly, they were to act as a gateway into the gifts if the royal bearer wasn't already trained to access the mysteries (one of the reasons for the concealment on Rathain's crown jewels).

This may have required a change to their inherent nature? Something less likely to have occurred on Athera?

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Why didn't the F7 restore Havish's High King before Arithon & Lysaer arrived?

Why not before in order to protect the clans & free wilds? Had they lost hope?

(This prompted by Janny's statement in 'SoM' topic: "Arithon's request to Sethvir" that Sethvir gave Arithon navigational instruments and maps to lessen the pressure on means of trade that would otherwise have threatened the free wilds.)

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Why didn't the F7 restore Havish's High King before Arithon & Lysaer arrived?

Why not before in order to protect the clans & free wilds? Had they lost hope?

My suspicion is they didn't do it because they were waiting for the West Gate Prophecy to be fulfilled and the Mistwraith to no longer fill the skies. Of course, the next question is why wait for this. I dunno. :smiley:


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quote: My suspicion is they didn't do it because they were waiting for the West Gate Prophecy to be fulfilled and the Mistwraith to no longer fill the skies.

The key part being 'and the Mistwraith to no longer fill the skies.'

When the Mistwraith first invaded, it was battled by the high kings and their heirs - who wore the focus stones/crown jewels at the time.

What did they battle? Mist? They didn't know at the time it was sentient until it attacked Arithon and Lysaer at Ithamon. So how did they battle?

They went out from the ruins at Earle in West Shand - the defences raised there included the raising of the elements' awareness, as per when the Conclave met there in FP. The defences are by Davien - at a time before he was discorporate due to the uprising. Luhaine asks the elements' assistance to allow Traithe to pass, presumably High Kings etc could be passed same way. The ruins at Earle still puzzle me, there is a lot more story to be told in this area.

The gem cutters at Mearth were 'scattered' by the curse that now inhabits the city - driving people to madness by… was it by seeing what they want? … anyway… so who's curse was it? Why is it here? Where did the gemcutters go along with the rest of the population? When did Davien install the 5C fountain? Before - or after… It wasn't his curse as far as I can tell, even though the result protects his works.

So as a method to my ramble - the High Kings were not restored - NOT due to the results of the rebellion which could have been softened up before 500 years, but more perhaps because a king/ruler wearing the focus stones, and also bonded with the elements would have … what exactly.?

Made the king a target by the Mistwraith?

Forced/encouraged the king to fight the Mistwraith, based on the last wearer's battle thoughts or whatever…?

Elemental bonding + focus stones = high king.

Elemental bonding + focus stones + family trait = high king target?

Elemental bonding + focus stones + family trait + sorcerer = ???