Crown Jewels

On a reread through Curse of the Mistwraith in preparation of a first read of Song of the Mysteries, I realized that we actually find out what the crown jewels of three of the high kingdoms of Athera are in this volume - Tysan’s are sapphires, Rathain’s are emeralds, and Havish’s are rubies. I can’t remember, do we ever find out what the crown jewels of the other kingdoms are later in the series? If not, would it be alright to ask what they are if it’s not going to be a spoiler for a future story in the world of Athera?

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Shand is amethyst
Melhalla is citrine


Thank you Janny!

Ah, hence the bit I just encountered in my reread in Traitor’s Knot where Lord Erlien’s scouts in Selkwood where incensed at the illegal mining of amethysts. Part of the booty, along with white silk and red silk, taken from a Light’s caravan when Arithon came ashore in Shand.