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originally posted by Mish

I adore this series and the artwork done for covers! It's refreshing to see what the author sees. To be allowed that insight into the world created is wonderful! That being said, will we ever see Lysaer on another cover? Please don't stone me for not hating him! Oh, and Janny, I'm asking!

Hi Mish - welcome here!

Certainly it is a possibility that you may.

originally posted by Rachel Quinn

Two questions on cover art:

Any chance that the cover art will be (or is) available as a computer wallpaper, particularly "Grand Conspiracy"? (*drool*)

Have there been any updates on the art work that was stolen?

Thank you!

Rachel - no updates on the missing works.
No wallpaper, at the moment…prints, yes.

originally posted by Hunter

Rachel - Janny and Don have three collections of their artwork available as Computer Screen savers and background wallpapers.

You can buy them at
(link removed)
(link removed)
(link removed)

Page on Janny's website is: "IBM Windows" ??

Dragon Tales was also good… this was actually the first one I bought… in Frys in Palo Alto in the early 1990s…

Very nice they are too. And you'll help a good cause…

originally posted by carl

I'm bumping this thread, I hope nobody minds. I've got the first editions with the original artwork. All of those have sexy Arithon portraits with a specific scene in mind. After that…well I don't remember exactly but I think books went out of print, I have some British editions. All the other books I have, are strictly landscape paintings. I was wondering if there's a reason for the change of direction and if I'll ever see a sexy Arithon portrait again (or maybe a sexy Sethvir portrait guzzling tea). If Jana comes across this post, I'm asking, but I wouldn't want to presume her time with something so trivial. Also, apologies if this was answered in some other form in another location.

Never trivial, carl, and I do answer anyone's question if I am asked by name, directly. (It's tradition, here to allow readers free rein to speculate without author oversight UNLESS by request).

The portrait covers were for the early US editions, and they continued up through Traitor's Knot's hardback/trade paperback release.

The landscapes were the UK editions, and the reasons for the difference in appearance were marketing choices - it was felt landscapes did better overseas.

When the books were reiussed with new covers, and the import deal was cut to bring the books back to US distribution, then the 'icon' covers with the graphics were the new look - and I expect that will carry through to the ending of the series, which is only 2 releases away (Destiny's Conflict, followed by Song of the Mysteries).

Will there ever be more portrait style covers? Yes. I've got one all but final for Stormed Fortress, and am toying with ideas for the last two - these are being done just for my amusement, though we have a printer and CAN create 'book jacket images' for the large format books, if anyone wishes to purchase them - they would not be laminated, so a shiny celluloid library jacket cover would be needed to finish them.

Don and I are also creating a print shop (in progress) and we'll have any of the Paravia artwork - or any other painting - available for purchase on the web. Coming soon.

originally posted by Annette

Janny I remember reading a while ago that Elaira was initially going to appear on a US cover, would you still do that artwork? Or will you rethink it and do something different. And any chance we ever get to find out which book Elaira would have appeared on. Would it have been the final book? I would have thought it would have been a massive spoiler if it had been Destiny's Conflict.

Still looking forward to seeing the Stormed Fortress portrait. :smiley:

Carl, there was an early depiction of Sethvir on one of the cards done for Janny's artwork.

originally posted by Annette

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