Could Davien find Ciladis?

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Now that Davien has Seshkrozchiel who can re-knit reality (that really is handy skill!!) I am wondering whether Davien could turn her considerable talents to the search for Ciladis. I'm assuming here that the dragon's abilities would be greater than any Paravian ward… i.e. Seshkrozchiel would frame her intent to find the unique Name that is Ciladis (provided by Davien or another Fellowship mage) and he would be called across time and space…

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Nah. Too much deus et machina for Janny's style. I rather expect ol' Seshy will be in the background, like she was for the most part in SF, except for the notable things she did do, but which were not focused on a major plot resolution like finding Ciladis.

I rather expect that our Masterbard will have that task upon him (at some point), as he has, according to the fifth snippet, had a lot of practice finding Names…

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Ciladis is sleeping under guard of the paravians somewhere :smiley:

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I'm aware that Ciladis is on Athera somewhere under Paravian guard. I have always wondered whether Dakar's vision of Arithon about to be gored by a unicorn with Alithiel's wards raised in his defense is on the same island with the same unicorn - but that is a topic for another discussion.

The point I was trying to make is that Sethvir cannot find Ciladis via his earthlink. Given the earthlink was ceded by the Paravians and Ciladis is warded by the Paravians it would make sense that the Paravians could "hide" things from Sethvir. Arithon clearly hasn't found the Paravians by sailing the world's oceans. So, my question was whether Davien, using the power of a dragon, could pierce these wards to recover Ciladis. The question was whether it would be possible as opposed to likely in the narrative.

I agree Clansman that Janny is rather unlikely to use this as a plot device - I think Ciladis' return is tied with the defeat of Desh-thiere and Paravian return <- all things seemingly with Arithon to fix. One does wonder when Lysaer will get off his well-clothed arse to actually do something useful about the wraiths but one despairs of Lysaer doing anything that the Fellowship or readers in general would consider useful.

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"well-clothed arse" -I love it Hunter.

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The expression, I meant : )

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If Alithiel's wards are raised in Arithon's defense, I'm thinking that the Riathan must be charging to AID him against whatever threatens him. The background nature of the threat may not have been apparent to Dakar's vision.

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But why would Arithon be on his knees in the sand, with Alithiel raised in front of him if he was in any sort of danger? Dakar more likely misinterpreted what he saw and Arithon is using the sword for something else, perhaps he is trying to find the Paravians, using Alithiel. In which case, yes he found one.

Although we have seen a few beaches with white sand, there is one place in particular that is often mentioned in the books that is associated with white sands, Vhalzein from the Drakish word for white sands. So it might not necessarily be an island where Arithon is.

As to the original question I agree with Clansman, Arithon is likely to be the one waking up Ciladis. Janny threw a little hint in with the sunloop concerning that.

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Valid point regarding Dakar's possible misrecognition of Alithiel's raised power. This is after all before even Arithon was aware of Alithiel's non-martial nature.

DRAKISH word! I'll be on the lookout for those!

I wonder if Vhalzein also is the name of the drake connected to the nearby grimward across the water to the northeast.

In any case, the vision might take place near Vhalzein, but it would feature a different Riathan than she who stands sentinel by Ciladis. The Riathan in the vision is male.

FP, hardcover, HarperPrism:1997, pp.134-135
'the vision'
For those without the hardcover of FP, the vision is in the chapter titled 'Turnabout'.

COTM, hardcover, ROC:1994, p284:
"…faraway isle, amid waters never charted…"
—just before the chapter 'Desh-thiere'—


I believe a dragon clearly has the POWER to find Ciladis, but perhaps not the specific finesse or perspective.

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I wonder about the definition of 'faraway' related to the location of Ciladis. Is it in terms of distance in leagues from the continent of Paravia, or is it faraway in another sense.

Perhaps it's just 'uncharted' at that point in the 7th Age sages' vision of the past; and the map as presented in COTM…


Related to Dakar's vision noted in 4 of the last 6 posts, I'm adding a follow-on to the Initiate's Trial> Rampant Speculations topic.

It has no relation to the current topic…