CON DFW in 2006

originally posted by Allen

YES! I just saw where Janny and Don are guests of honor at CON DFW in 2006. The convention is at a hotel about 2 miles from where I work.

Janny - could I interest you in speaking to a group of librarians at our school district? Just curious (and a little excited – 44 year old man claps with glee just like a 5 year old opening presents on Christmas day).


Allen - why not bring them on to the con???

originally posted by Allen


I hear that you have been in contact with my Director of Library Media Services. How about a little trading - I'll get as many to the Con as I can if you'll come here and speak. A little dinner could be in the works. Our Director (Karen) can work out the details with you.



originally posted by Jay_Jay

What is CON DFW?? Can you enlighten me, please?

Dallas-Fort Worth?? (Hey, I'm a Canuck, at least give me points for guessing!)

originally posted by Allen

You got it Jay Jay. Give yourself 10 points!



originally posted by Sandtiger

Oh good, because that was my guess too. I couldn't think of anything else that worked.

(Though it took me a few moments to realise there was no such thing as Detroit Fort Wayne. ::laugh:: )

Talk about mixing names up…

Sandtiger, who was thinking, Detroit - Wayne County.

originally posted by Andy

Sandtiger, I'm sure thousands in Detroit and Dallas whose luggage has been misdirected can sympthize with your mistake.

DTW= Detroit-Wayne County Int'l Airport
DFW= Dallas-Fort Worth Int'l Airport

originally posted by Sandtiger

ROTFL. Very true. I've luckily not had that happen flying into Detroit…of course - just watch - next time it will!


originally posted by Blue

Andy the tag mix up you mention above reminds me of the faux "computer virus" lists that went around a few years back:

Airline Virus - You're in Dallas, but your data is in Singapore.