Coffee mugs!

Well, we don't have an art book yet…but while we're waiting and dreaming…

How would you like to start your morning (or commute) or sit down to read with your favorite tea - with a mug or travel mug - with a genuine Janny Wurts or Don Maitz artwork on it???

Coming soon!

The lovely company that brought you the Don Maitz pirate mugs are now going to do a fantasy line.

The works just this instant going into production are:

Moonlight Frolic (unicorns in the surf)
Wizard of the Owls
Taken to Task (dragon, kid, and kid dragon reading a book)

and for Don
Chasing the Wind (mermaids and Dolphins racing)
Booked Flight (White Wizard riding a dragon, reading a book)

The mugs will very soon be available to order - and we'll post info on them - it's been so quiet here, thought I'd start the fireworks…

The mugs are quite nice and solid, and the newest line of stainless steel travel mugs - bound to be long lasting. It's a pretty impressive product.

And if these are a success…

Look in the Gallery section of the website, to view the images selected. I will post the stock numbers and product images when the company is ready to produce - very soon now!

originally posted by Neil

I can see Sethvir now…

…drinking his tea from a Janny Wurts mug :slight_smile:

I'm guessing he wouldn't be choosing anything with a drake on it?!?

originally posted by Dorothy

I would love a Wizard of the Owls mug. Will they be available in the U.K.?
I wonder if anyone could help me to find out where to buy the jig-saw puzzle too. I followed the links on this website but had no luck.

originally posted by Hunter

Dorothy - I've tended to have better luck looking on eBay for jigsaws than shoppes…

The coffee cups/travel mugs will be produced by a company called Cuppa - and they do, and are equipped, to ship internationally.

Once they've got the finalized product into production, I will post the info to order them. And it should be soon.

originally posted by Dorothy

Thanks Hunter. Sorry for the long delay in replying.I'll try eBay.
Looking forward to ordering my mug. and woe betide anyone else daring to use it : )
Any chance of a pirate mug in the future. My son is hooked on a new online pirate game that is still in its development stage (ithink).
He introduced me to bus pirates-quite funny.

originally posted by Trys


Cuppa has produced a several mugs with Don's pirates on them. :smiley:


The Maitz line of pirates at cuppa is growing - there are about a dozen to choose from, and Forty Thieves is about to be issued.

We expect to see final color samples this week.

originally posted by max

Any chance of the pictures being on book marks?? I enjoy having bookmarks with fantasy artwork. At any rate I will plan on a travel mug for sure. Or even regular coffee mugs!! Those will be fun too.

Bookmarks - have em already. You only had to attend a reading or signing.

I could maybe make them more widely available.

originally posted by HJ

Yes Please!

originally posted by Dorothy

Thanks for the info Trys. Again, sorry for the delay in replying. I just never seem to have time/the chance to go online lately.Never mind, its good to catch up.:slight_smile:

originally posted by Dorothy

I would love to be able to buy bookmarks too. Lucky I have just got an unexpected bonus in my pay this month.Love working for a co-operative!

Well - at last!!!

The cups are ready - and they look just beautiful! For all you early birds -

The ceramic coffee mugs are available in the following patterns, with the following stock numbers:

Wizard & Owls - 13204
Taken to Task - 13205
Moonlight Frolic - 13206

These patterns can also be ordered as travel mugs in several styles, or as a stainless steel mug with a pop off lid for road use…to view the various forms, check out cuppa's website:

To order: 1-800-551-6541
The sell sheets we were given also list
(email removed)

If you are uncertain about the pictures - the art (in painting form) is in the gallery section of my website. In due time, we will have a page displaying the actual products. This post is for those of you who want in, hot off the production line as it were.

originally posted by Hunter

They live…

(link removed)

originally posted by Dorothy

After a year of looking on e-bay, I finally managed to buy the "Wizard of the Owls" jigsaw puzzle (1 000 pieces). The postage was more than the puzzle but worth it.Now I don't know whether to keep it as a collector's item or open it and enjoy the puzzle! HELP!!! It means I have to cut through the seals on the box which would be a great shame, but then to see the puzzle completed would be great. As you may have guessed, I'm one of life's ditherers. No doubt I shall succumb to temptation, do the puzzle, then regret my

originally posted by Zorana Lewis

You could always buy it twice. lol. And that way you can keep one as a collector's item and the other you can open and enjoy! *nods* :smiley:

originally posted by Dorothy

I don't think I could go through trawling ebay again! I opened it up then everything got busy around here-typical lol. Never mind there's a holiday coming up for the rest of the family so I may get the chance to do it then instead of packed lunch making and shirt ironing :slight_smile: We can all dream!

originally posted by Zorana Lewis

Well there's quite a few on ebay at the minute…all factory sealed…just put 'Wizard of the Owls' into the ebay search engine and they should pop up. But depending on where you live depends on how much they'll ouch you for shipping.

originally posted by Dorothy

Thanks Zorana - the shipping from the U S A was a lot more than the price I paid for the jigsaw! I may bid on one later in the year.I also need to look into buying a matching mug. I must get round to e-mailing the company for a price.