Classic book of the Month discussion - please pitch in!

The r/fantasy forum voted Curse of the Mistwraith as their Classic book of the Month for December.

Today, they are discussing the first HALF of the book only - this forum has 400.000 plus subscribers, so having the book discussed there will show a LOT of readers what it is about.

join in - first half comments/perspective from readers would really help!

Here is the link: st_half_discussion/

There is ALSO an r/fantasy group on GoodReads and a thread in there, too, for a first half discussion. It has no reader comments, yet, just an old reader weighing in. I know from stats that many started the book - they came in COLD and don't know what to expect - your comments could make an immense impression.

ALSO: The Fantasy Buddy Reads group on GoodReads generated enough interest that the group will repeat the series read AGAIN for readers who did not join in the first, then regretted it. That read begins on February 15th.

We are battling the fact there is no audio book at this stage - many readers will not start a series without it (too much life happening for adult readers) - this series NEEDS the sort of commentary that Malazan gets - where older readers hint that what is to come is HUGE.

That's the opportunities on the table, today - the series re-issue has been in print long enough now that it is STARTING to get following - new readers are starting to discover it, but it is still not on the shelf in shops/still obscure to find - so your enthusiasm for it has enormous potential, right now, to 'move the markers'.

There is stuff 'happening' in the background, but to make it come to fruition, it NEEDS IMPETUS.

So thanks if you can join in the fun in any way, or at least, be there in spirit.