Child of Prophecy?

originally posted by Epilogue

Hi Janny,

Can you shed some light on how the short exerpt from your website titled 'child of prophecy' works within the framework of the current series of Light and Shadow… if thats possible.

I'm speculating but it sounds as though it was from the perspective a spirit before it is caught up in the mistwraith? Am I close?

Thanks in advance,


Francis - You Asked.

This snippet of an excerpt comes from a short story, now available to you in Masters of Fantasy, an anthology out from Baen Books, edited by Bill Fawcett. If you read it, it will tell you EXACTLY where it "places" with regard to the rest of the Wars of Light and Shadow.

In a roundabout way - it is set in the period just after the rebellion upended the rule of the High Kings, and during the course of the Mistwraith's invasion. And your speculation is - :smiley: - wildly incorrect.