Characters on covers

originally posted by Hunter

Just a few statistics of who has graced covers of the WoLaS novels. Only those with portrait pictures, I've ignored the ones which were landscape - and some of the fetching interpretations done by other artists for the books translated into languages other than British/American/Australian/New Zealand English.

For a series about balance… interesting stats on how many times a character has been on the cover.

Arithon 8 Lysaer 1 Elaira 1 Davien 1 Seshkrozchiel 1

Summarized from the following (apologies for the formatting).
Arc Book Edition Character on cover
I Curse of the Mistwraith US 1st edition Lysaer, Arithon (presumably Ithamon)
II Ships of Merior US hardback Arithon (the Havens)
II Ships of Merior US paperback Arithon (Innish)
II Warhost of Vastmark US paperback Arithon (the Havens)
III Fugitive Prince US edition Arithon (Kathtairr)
III Grand Conspiracy UK/US editions Arithon & Elaira (outside Kewar)
III Peril's Gate US Edition Arithon (in Kewar)
III Traitor's Knot UK Edition Arithon & Davien (in Davien's library)
III Stormed Fortress US/UK edition Seshkrozchiel

Given three novels to go, wondering if Lysaer is going to crack another cover?

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God I hope so since he is my favorite character. I think he has gotten the biggest shaft having been sacrificed from the word go.

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Lysaer got to live like a king, be worshiped by his adoring followers, probably married three times in his life and at least have a son. I did not think he did too bad. That was what he thought he wanted at the start. But it would be nice to see him get on another cover.

For some strange reason I always thought the Grand Conspiracy cover showed Kamridian's ghost in Kewar. Must have been the cheekbones that lead me astray.

Arithon would have got the Stormed Fortress cover, Janny finished the painting but has not yet shown us. Arithon also has a portrait for Destiny's Conflict, that we got a distant look at.

Not sure who would have gotten Initiate's Trial, could have been Lysaer, Dakar or Elaira. I think Lysaer and Daliana would have been nice. Janny said a while ago she would still do the art originally intended for the portrait covers, and make up some covers if we wanted an all portrait set.

She will hopefully shrink the Stormed Fortress one a bit, if not I have a spare book it will fit. I will just pretend they did a regular hard cover edition for it.

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Re: Grand Conspiracy back cover
So Kewar Tunnel has either Elaira, or Kamridian's ghost, looking out of the opening, on the back cover of the book? Here I thought it was Davien the Betrayer. Shows you what I know.

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We saw Davien on Meisha Merlin's Traitor's Knot so eventually got to see what Davien looked like, and cheekbones were not really a prominent feature when he was described in the books so I never thought of him.

But Davien would have been a good guess, he did lead Arithon there.