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originally posted by Cheryl

Do you ever find your characters going astray Janny and you have to decide which direction to take the story? I find I'm having that happen. I like having choices but I wonder which one is the right one to take to make the story better.

You asked - Cheryl, characters make their own choices all the time, and sometimes stories derail from the best of laid plans. Let them!

That's the fire that keeps you writing - and - once you KNOW (and when enough happens on paper, you will) what story you are REALLY telling (not always the one you thought you were) THEN you can go back and adjust, in the edit.

If you try to mastermind the whole thing, consciously, without letting the tale "come alive" you will do either of two things - block, and watch your enjoyment and wonder dry right up - or "hack" where you are writing without the direct flow from the heart.

It's always easier to correct course for "sprawl" in a tale when you know precisely where it's strayed off - it's a HINDSIGHT decision, though, not ever one made in draft stage.

That's my take on it - you'll have to find your own way - everybody's different.

originally posted by Cheryl

Thank you Janny. That's one of my fears watching the story be blocked at some point. I try to go back and remember what I want to write and do an outline every now and then to remember some things but I find characters do force their way through and let you know what they want. It's interesting I'll say that much. Thanks for the advice very appreciated.

originally posted by Thom

I have a question, actually 2 if you can…as busy as you are, its a miracle and very nice of you to keep up with this board. I was wondering when dakar is delivering a prophechy…does he say the exact words the prophecy wants or does he use his own wording to describe the intent of the prophecy?

Also, i was wondering the effect a pregnancy would have on the koriani?

Thanks if you can. BTW the paintings look awesome and i can't wait for the new short story and the new novel.

originally posted by Cheryl

Good questions Thom I've been wondering the same thing but never thought to ask.

originally posted by Thom

Thanks cheryl, i have been wondering about it for some time, but janny is so busy i am reluctant to ask.

Thom - you asked. Depends on the prophecy.

If Dakar is aware, he "remembers" the scenes viewed after he awakens. The words he chooses would be colored by his interpretation. His interpretation might be "right on" or might reflect his perception of the event, colored by his personal awareness. The way this might happen was most clearly demonstrated when he "saw" the scene, as shown by Sethvir, of Mearn and Parrien's deception of Lysaer regarding the Riverton conspirators. Dakar "presumed" he saw deaths - Arithon "heard" the pitched frequency that said, not. Dakar interpreted wrongly. He can do the same thing with a scene or event.

This given, it would be DANGEROUS to presume he always sees a prescient event in distortion.

If his prophecy is a tranced one, this will not be an unfolding of prescience, but the Seer's Sight of Prophecy - the scenes may not be there at all - and would not be recalled, if they were, in any event. The words spoken in tranced Sight would be in strict accord with the event that provoked the prophecy. These auguries are utterly different in their source…NOT the same animal.

Stormed Fortress will reveal a bit more about Dakar's gift as Seer/Prophet - it is, put simply, more. Not all has unfolded at this time, and you haven't seen the depths, to know why, yet. All in good time, the steps are planned…

Your second question will be further illuminated by the immediate material forthcoming. Ask again in '05, your question, guaranteed, will have a different slant. May as well see the steps unfold within the tale itself, as intended. You don't have so long to wait, and those releases are done and locked.

originally posted by Thom

Thankyou janny,
food for thought and can't wait for the books.

originally posted by Neil


Just a thought on 'pregnancy + koriani' thing:

Those Koriani that live "longer" (in theory) are in the higher ranking seniors and therefore were the "stronger" ones in their generation.

By not becoming (or indeed being constrained to not become) mothers they are perhaps slowly losing the stronger talents within their ranks(?).

Maybe this has no effect since the hierarchical oragnisational structure wouldn't want in any case too many stongly gifted koriani…

originally posted by Thom


That could be true but the koriani also draw talent from those of clan descent that for whatever reason end up living in the cities. I wonder where they found selidie…one with strong talent but not to intelligent.

I have also been wondering when elaira, with her "senses" slowly expanding will wander across the fellowships reworking of her longevity.

originally posted by Cheryl

I'm finding that problem now Janny with story going astray. I scared myself writing something yesterday. I'd planned it from the first time I got the tale and thought it would be original but now I think it's over my head not something for a beginner to write. It would be great for you to write but not a first time beginner. I'll finish the scene and see what happens but I think it's Twilight Zone meets fantasy. I thought it a great idea but now I'm thinking wish I hadn't have thought of it. I should just let the story write itself and not plan it out. I seem to be doing that and not telling it from the heart anymore. Hope I can get back on track.

Cheryl - when this stuff happens, it's the best sign there IS that you ARE ON TRACK.

Creativity "leaps the gap" and lands you places you never would have anticipated. In hindsight, you will see there was a clear track, all along…

If you try to "force" the story back into its original mold, it quite possibly may not go…

so you just have to boldly go where no (one) has, before - this is YOUR story, the one never told. And that never will be told, unless you do it…

Your choice - but the aliveness of the creation WILL not bow to order as you know it…it is your particular genius. The question now becomes: do you have the courage to go where it leads?

Your choice.

If the idea is "too big" for your craft until you have developed your skills further - (mine was) - I wrote it anyway - learned all I could with the practice of doing that - then set it aside for a bit, (when I knew the time was right, that the idea was developed enough to put on "hold") and reset my sights on something smaller, used all I had learned in that freefall atmosphere of creativity to create a simpler piece designed to break into the marketplace.

The key: the simpler piece was only that - simpler. No less creative and alive.

Good luck - you have just "broken through" to your own original voice, I suspect - it's wakened up, and now you have to decide what you are going to do with it - now that it has answered back.

The easiest way to "know" if the idea has leaped the gap and come alive - see where it leads you. If the story is "from the heart" it will continue.

If you made a dust dry decision to try "this idea" instead - it will dry up and stop.

You'll learn to feel the difference.

I'd not fear complexity in an idea, or shy off if it seems difficult - just recognizing that it IS over your head is the first step to learning what it takes to manage that.

originally posted by Cheryl

Thanks for that Janny It's true it's like that Star Trek theme I'm boldly going where no man has gone before. LOL Well I'm unique so I guess the stories I get would be unique too. I think this is part of the story and I'll just have to go with the flow and see what happens. Thanks I might set it aside and and practice and learn more before I continue it. Thanks that was so encouraging Janny hope it helps others here too.