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every single hour makes a difference Trys … :smiley:

cheers wolfhunter - here's to hoping that particular trend continues

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Awesome to hear, I had been geared for the December date, so nice to have it a little earlier than that!

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Hey Jay Jay, are you by chance Canadian eh? (for thinking that Thanksgiving was in October rather than the U.S. November).

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Umm… gee, whatever gave you THAT idea, Annette? :smiley:

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My first time on the site. Has anyone been able to order Traitors Knot from either Meisha Merlin or Amazon? Is it just me?

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It's a little early for the book to show up on either site.


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Thanks for the info. Any idea when they will list? Also, do you know of any places online where you one can purchase autographed copies of Jannys' works?


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Traitor's Knot is due Nov/Dec 2004 timeframe in US/UK. It's probably already listed on sites, you can order but you can't buy until it's released…

I think Meisha Merlin has some autographed books - or perhaps autographed book plates (autographed inserts)… Otherwise, Janny is going to Worldcon later this year so if you turn up, I'm sure she'll make some appropriate marks on your book if you ask very nicely…

Randy -

Welcome. Copies of To Ride Hell's Chasm, bought from Meisha Merlin, (probably still) come with an autographed book plate.

Circle Books in Sarasota sells autographed copies, too. Their contact info is in this website. Ask Deb by e mail what she's got in stock. Sometimes this hometown book shop will run copies out to me to be personalized. They ship anywhere in the world.

I will appear at Worldcon in Boston, World Fantasycon in Tempe, Arizona, and now, Stellarcon in North Carolina next spring.

You can also send book plates for signature to my PO box IF you include an envelope, addressed back to you, and include return postage. That contact address is in the Gallery section of this site.

Good hunting!

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You'll be in Boston for WorldCon?! Marvelous! Now I'll have to go for sure. Both George and Janny! Oh the goodness. Is your schedule for Boston very tight, Janny?

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Happy Canada Day!!!

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Just a question about book plates - do we need to send book plates to you for signature or do you have them to sign and put in the envelopes??

It's not clear from above… it's clear we need to send a SSAE with appropriate $ for return postage…


Prefer you send them. That way, they're a style you like, not what's kicking about in a drawer someplace.

Arend - I don't have my schedule for Boston, yet. Whatever it is, it's never too tight to see you people. I asked for a coffeeklatch - they work by sign up. Could be a reading. They've promised prelimnary schedules soon - I can post what could be available. Or, this group could create an event on its own. We could surely choose a time and place for an informal "Athera" gathering of some sort. Where there's interest,(and beer) anything's possible.

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We must also plan something for Tempe. Barring any major disaster between now and October, that one is definitely on the agenda for me. Had hoped to do WorldCon, too, but both are just not feasible, more the pity. Haven't been home to Boston in much too long… But Arizona in the fall just sounds lovely, too.

…slinks back into lurkdom…

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Janny, any chance of you making any book plates? The ones I found on the internet so far are definitely not my style!

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Hello all!

Stephen Pagel from Meisha Merlin, here…

I wanted you to know I just got off the phone with Janny and prety much got most everything finalized for "Traitor's Knot".

She is starting on the American cover now.

As with "Hell's Chasm" there will be a full color frontace plate of the art used for the British cover. Maybe two…who knows.

Even though Meisha Merlin has always done our hard covers in the smaller size, like "Hell's Chasm", to keep the look of her series standard, "Traitor's Knot" will be done in the larger size to match the other titles in her series.

Our expected pub. date is around November 10th, to have it in stores in time for Thanksgiving.

There are a few more things I WOULD like to tell you, but I have to wait till I know them for sure.

I will be dropping in to this topic when ever I can. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please post them and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Now you really have something special to celebrate this 4th of July!!!


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*I will be dropping in to this topic when ever I can. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please post them and I will answer them as soon as I can. *

Comment: woohoo! Great news!

Now you really have something special to celebrate this 4th of July!!!

That strikes me as a very funny statement. No sarcasm implied! Of course I would wager to say most Americans don't ponder the import of that holiday in any case, just celebrate the long weekend and, in my case, beloved family and a good fireworks show. (Is it Very Wrong that I feel a pang of guilt when examining fireworks for purchase, because I know that they're proscribed on Athera?) Heck, I'm still celebrating Child of Prophecy!


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Any chance of that being few weeks sooner or special for World Fantasy since only two weeks before?

Wishfull thinking.


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LOL! A lady after my own heart! I just returned from a certain author's gathering at Toronto Trek, and although it was held in a bar, all they served was ice water! :frowning: The yummy French chocolates one of the con-goers brought all the way from France helped to make up for it a bit, though.

Janny, I had hoped to do Worldcon, as you know, but, given what's happening in my life at the end of August (moving house, and the closing date of the sale of our apartment building) I'm afraid it just wouldn't work.

HOWEVER, given that we will have extra $$$ available from the sale of the building, Arizona is starting to look possible! Keep your fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Stephe, so wonderful to see you here! And, of course, to hear the news about the book! (Does a Happy Dance…)

Theresa - all right! A gathering at Tempe, too, and sure hope Jay Jay makes it.

Everyone else - Stephe doesn't bite! If you want to know more about what happens behind the scenes - ask! Books don't happen by author alone - it's a co-operative effort, requiring many hands. I am sure what you fans have to say will be taken into careful consideration. Join the fun of working with these people - they are totally dedicated to what they do, and a little feedback is always nice!