Cathdeins? how many?

originally posted by DarthJazy

Just a question here as i re read TK. Are there now two acting cathdeins to the kingdom of tysan? and since the F7 gave Lysaer a Cathdein to gaurd him does that mean they plan for Lysaer to be brought back into the compact?

originally posted by Blue

There might be two men sworn to the land in Tysan, namely Maenol s'Gannley and Sulfin Evend, but Maenol is still officially Caithdein of Tysan. Sulfin Evend swore the oath, and the land can petition on his behalf, or "complain", but Sulfin Evend does not hold the powers of the office, namely that of being Steward in the absence of the High King.

Maybe he would best be known as the Vice Caithdein?

Of course, the s'Gannley succession is already in place, with Ianfar as Maenol's successor, should Maenol fail to produce children of his own. So Vice Caithdein would be inaccurate, since Sulfin Evend could not take over in the event of the s'Gannley succession's failure.