Calling in of all typos and mistakes

It's reprint/reissue with a new cover time of the prior volumes of the Alliance of Light arc of Light and Shadows.

If anyone has CURRENT PRINTINGS of Fugitive Prince, Grand Conspiracy, Peril's Gate, and Traitor's Knot, and has stumbled over any (possible) typos or errors in the texts, do please chime in - I have the proofs here NOW and a brief window of time in which to mark corrections. (nothing extensive, adjustments to existing words only)

Please, before you post, check that you have the current printing - because many errors have been sent in for correction before now, and may have been fixed already.

Thanks! Your keen eyes are appreciated…


…the faster this bit is completed, the quicker I get to start into the new book!!!

Shortly we'll have artwork for the new covers posted - I have to convert them to jpegs for the web and get them sent to the gryphon.

Is there a list of which printing is the current printing?

Peril's Gate – US Hardcover, First Edition:
TOC: XIII. Teir's'Ffalenn - Teir s'Ffalenn
p. 66: "Several hundred leagues to the west" - east
p. 355: Davian - Davien

I also had a list from Ships of Merior but I believe I sent that to you several years ago.


Brian -

I am referring to the UK editions - however, the typos you listed will be checked against my existing list, and if they're not already flagged, I will mark them in reserve for posited future printings.

By the way - the map query you raised earlier (I had not forgotten!) is definitely an error, and is marked to be rectified where I have the opening.

Thank you!

Thanks for the info – I have updated the appropriate page: