Call for Audition

I am looking (testing the waters) for a male performer to audition for a dramatic reading of some sample chapters of To Ride Hell's Chasm, to be used for promotion as an mp3 file.

First crack, is there any enthusiastic talent on this board who may be interested in the job?

Please contact me by e mail, then submit a page or two sample, read out of the excerpt text on this website. If I like what I hear, I'll toss you a bid. I can pay a small fee for the service, which would basically be a clean audio file for 3 chapters worth of material.

The recorded excerpt would be used as a free promotional download, but who knows, if the performer is stellar, what that little trailer might lead to?

originally posted by Matt Wright


As a fan, and someone who really loved the novel, I would be interested in giving this a shot…however, for some reason, when I try to send an email, something (I believe it is on my end) doesn't give me your email address. Is it on the website, or can I get it somewhere else so that I can send you the sample? Congrats on Stormed Fortress, as well. I just finished my reread and am very excited to see what happens next!

Matt Wright
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Matt -

There is a direct e mail button, on the opening page of the website. That should work. If it doesn't, say so again.

I don't bother putting the email in the chat, because the main site has it clearly marked.

originally posted by Trys


Clicking this button should launch your e-mail client (Outlook, Eudora, Pegasus, etc.) However, for some configurations it doesn't. If it does not, right click the button (Windows instructions) to bring up a menu which will include 'Copy e-mail address'. This wil place the addy on the clipboard and you can then paste it into your 'To' field.

If push comes to shove, I'll e-mail it to you. :smiley:


originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker


When ye say "dramatic reading", are we talking a reading like a "Talking-Book" or something like parent's do with their kids (acting the voices and such)?

I'd definately be interested in giving it a go, but I wonder if an Aussie accent would be appreciated? I'll give ye an email if, and only if, Matt hasn't already snagged the spotlight and if ye give me the go ahead here…

I am thinking in terms of a dramatic recording, which means it must be slow, crystal clear, and alive with actor's inflection - a reading as a dramatic performance.

It has to be clear enough for anyone of any English speaking nationality to understand.

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

Would ye mind, then, if I gave it a bit of a go?

Do ye want the whole excerpt from this site recorded, or a few paragraphs to save on filesize?

A page, to save file size, would be a good example.

OOps - the excerpt pages may be very long…I was thinking in terms of about 3 - 5 paragraphs.

originally posted by Konran

=( Too bad you only want a guy. If you ever need a female voice, look me up xD I've had five years of theatre and four of competitive speech so I'm pretty sure I'd be able to handle the whole "dramatic reading" thing.

Konran -

By all means, give it a try!

I did, myself, and encountered the awkwardness: that all the voices in Ch 1 are male! And mostly same for Ch 2 and 3…it is the first three chapters of this book I want to use for promo…

Fall back, I'd be doing this myself - you have far more training in that area, and so far, there are only a few takers trying.

Let's see what you can do, eh?

I am so backlogged with Stormed Fortress polish up, that I haven't got leeway to play around with recording this on my own for a while yet.

Answer to my prayers - somebody GOOD who can get this bit out there for download to interest new readers!

originally posted by Konran

I'd definitely be willing to help you out on this… I'm just not entirely sure how to go about recording a reading so that I can get it to you. ^^;;

originally posted by Trys


The ideal format is an MP3 file as the finaly item that would be uploaded to the Paravian podcast area will need to be in that format.

All sorts of ways to create these but it does require a wee bit of tech setup. I.e., a program on your computer that can capture input from a quality microphone or tape that you've recorded.


originally posted by Matt Wright

I tried to send the MP3 file last night, and got a message back today saying it was bounced because there wasn't enough room for Janny to receive it. Any thoughts?

originally posted by Konran

=/ We have a mic but it doesn't seem to want to record. Trying to find ways to work around that.

originally posted by Trys


Please e-mail me information regarding the file, how big it is, etc. so we can figure out a way for Janny to get the file.


originally posted by HJ

Janny, is there a closing date?

HJ - when I get one that will work, or if not that, find another route. I'll notify the site.

originally posted by Laneth Shadow-Walker

I recorded a passage the other day and played it back…In my opinion, I'm not what ye're looking for.

I will record a small bit that I think might complement my reading.
I don't believe I have "it" though, so :smiley:

(Played back, my voice isn't as deep as I hear it when I speak…must have something to do with internal resonance in my head or something…)

originally posted by Auna

Yah, you never sound the same when you hear yourself played back from a recording. Kindof a bummer.