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Janny, I was wondering what the chances were of us getting a 2015 WoLaS calender, similar to the Myth and Magic one from 2010?

I know you were thinking of doing bookmarks for the Paravia webstore which would be great considering how those books seem to eat bookmarks, but some calendars for next year with maybe some new, or unseen artwork would be nice.

Annette - there are no plans, the Myth and Magic didn't sell well enough for the publisher to come round with another offer.

Calendars only work in LARGE quantities.

I do have plans in motion (well, the seed, we have the stapler!) to create chap books - and now that year end accounting is over, I will be moving forward with that idea.

Thank you for reminding me about the bookmarks, I will get on to setting that up - first to photograph them.

originally posted by Annette

Disappointed we will not see a calender, but looking forward to seeing what a chap book is.

I still think a WoLaS calendar would sell better considering it would already have a bunch of artwork starved fans waiting for it. And it would be a nice way to get the series some more attention in time for the next book.

The problem with a calendar is, you do ALL the work to create it, and it dates, THAT FAST. Within a month or two, it's a dead deal. People have to see them in the precise window, and buy immediately - and a calendar design doesn't hold any value past that point, so then you have to Start Over. At this second in time, I don't have anywhere near the outreach to make this viable.

The cost in time and work load vs the return would not in any way be practical.

Even with a publisher, the advance payment was miniscule…time vs return bordered in the ridiculous, but if it had flown, it may have brought in more name recognition. I regarded the first one as, basically, paid advertising. :wink: It was pretty to behold, though.

originally posted by Annette

Convince Harper Collins it is worthwhile advertising. :smiley:

Plenty of time left yet till the last book, maybe the Paravia webstore will take off yet.

Annette: REALITY CHECK: my name is not George RR Martin.

To get what I mean by OUTREACH: go to Look up Curse of the Mistwraith - see how many readers have registered and rated the book. Now check the stats for Daughter of the Empire. Now check the stats for Guy Kay's Lions of Al Rassan. Now check the stats for Jordan's Eye of the World, and GRRM's Game of Thrones. Then check out Fellowship of the Ring, Eragon, and Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice.

Now go to and do the same.

This will give you the (accessible, public) access to numbers/where this series stands in relationship to the readership.

Please, (kindly) DO THIS MUCH - before you ask me to approach my editors, OK? :smiley:

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Annette, funny that you brought up this topic because not too long ago I too was thinking of a WoLaS calendar.

As for possible booksmarks - that would be wonderful! I always found it rather sad that I had no matching bookmark for the books (well, I have one with a long dead king of my country who also was short, had a sharp tongue and a talent for music, but yeah… he couldn't do this shadow thing, so not quite the same).
Recently, I came across these old promo bookmarks for WoLaS from '96 on ebay and considered purchasing one. I probably will do so sooner or later anyway, but I am really looking forward to the new bookmarks you are thinking of, Janny!

Regarding the chap books, I googled a bit, but I am not sure whether I am much wiser now. So, they are basically small, sometimes artisan books, often used for publishing poetry. Could you possibly drop a hint what their content may be, Janny, or is it too early to ask for details yet?
Maybe a collection of a few songs from Athera? Well, I definitively would rob my piggy bank to get my hands on a copy of that juicy satirical song Halliron played at Jaelot.

originally posted by Annette

I was hoping for some short stories as chap books and maybe a bit of extra artwork.

Poetry and songs I am probably not going to go for, although it would depend on any art work that went with them. :wink:

And yes Janny I realize WoLaS is not on the blockbuster seller level, but still thought there was no harm suggesting it. I will send a little query off to Harper Collins myself about a calendar. I doubt they would be interested even if a lot of fans asked them about it, but no harm asking.

Ypso - promo book marks from 96, DO NOT purchase them on e bay! (say what, people are making money on them?) I can provide one, and thanks for the kick on getting the book marks up in the Paravia store. I'll shoot the photos today for that.

On future projects: the chap books would be simple - printed here with black and white text, perhaps a small bit of art, with a color cover, and saddle stapled. They won't be bound or hardback - I planned to start with the short stories already up so folks who had no e reader or wanted a paper copy could buy one. Because they'd be assembled here, they will have to cost about what a paperback would, maybe a little more, and then postage. They could come signed.

There is stuff in the works that may (also) knock your socks off, but I have a learning curve to pull it off. More on that later… and there are other projects in the works, just - book comes first!

originally posted by Annette

The chap books sound good to me. I would certainly snap up any new stories, maybe the ones I already have.

And yes one seller has been selling those FPG promo bookmarks on EBay for a while, they charge $8(US) for for one. They always catch my eye because they are double sided, but I am still waiting to get mine. Nice to know Janny might offer that collectible herself.

I actually was lucky enough to win my one and only WoLaS bookmark from Janny, when I was enticed over to LibrarytThing by a WoLaS topic. b5ec.jpg~original

Eight BUCKS??? for that FPG promo bookmark?

I had NO idea…!
Is it because they were run on the trading card sheet, or are they just selling to collectors of the books?


My laminated ones will come with a signed book plate, and THEY WILL NOT COST THAT MUCH! even with worldwide postage.

originally posted by Annette

WoLaS collectors are stalwart fans, who if they have the money will buy just about anything related to their favorite books.

This fan does not have the money and balked at that price, it was more than that with postage. But he has been selling them for at least 3 years, because I have been watching about that long to see if the price came down. He seems to sell at least a few. Not many fans get to conventions, or win competitions, so there is a lack of choice how to get yourself a WoLaS bookmark. I would think it would be fans buying them, no one else is likely to be that crazy. And the prints are probably a bit out of the range that most fans can afford, especially if they want them framed. And wall space limited.

No WoLaS greeting cards, no mugs, no puzzles, no calendar, the FPG cards were very nice though.

As were all those nice book covers some of us would have chased. First time I have ever brought a second or third copy of a book just because it had a different cover. Or worn a book out and had to buy a replacement.

So we patiently wait to see what WoLaS goodies will be offered on the Paravia web store. :smiley:

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Aye Aye, Captain Wurts, I shall refrain from purchasing the promo book mark on ebay! :slight_smile: But just so that I don't misunderstand you here… you still have some of them after all these years? And you would really leave one to me?!? … In this case, consider my paralyzed with joy!

And I have to agree with Annette and what she said about WoLaS fans. Though I have to admit that I didn't think 8 US-Dollars to be that much, considering how old and pretty these book marks are. But that may had to do with my sheer happiness when I discovered that such a thing as a WoLaS book mark existed anyway.

As for puzzles, there are actually some by Janny (e.g. Cycle of Fire), though none with WoLaS motives. Well, if I were granted a wish by the fairy godmother I would ask for WoLaS themed shirts (either with some nice quotes or the emblems of Rathain, Havish et al. on them). Oh, and the aforementioned song by Halliron, of course. Probably not particularly realistic wishes (at least the former one), but a girl can dream.
That being said, I am extremly happy about the prints you offer, Janny! As soon as I have made up my mind which to take you will hear from me.

Also, I like what you want to do with the chap books. While I already have two out of the three Athera short stories (I especially liked 'Reins of Destiny'), I would surely buy them a second time.

Ahh! I just saw that the picture of the book mark is up now. It looks so, so lovely!

originally posted by Annette

Strange I can see the new bookmark section on the Web Store, but no bookmarks yet. Scarce things they are to catch a glimpse of, so I am looking forward to seeing the choices.

Maybe one day that nice pic of Sethvir that was in the FPG cards will make it as a bookmark.

And yes I meant no WoLaS collectibles such as puzzles, cups, greeting cards etc. I have seen all the puzzles that were released, but am not a big fan of the Cycle of Fire books and not really a collector of fantasy art in general, and I prefer my jigsaw puzzles in the 2000+ piece range, so not likely to buy any of the puzzles Janny has done. But a WoLaS puzzle I would buy.

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I noticed too, for some reason the picture has vanished after I saw it.

Oh dear, I hang my head in shame because I had no idea that it was Sethvir on one of the cards. However, I have been wondering whether the man on the backside of another card (no. 10) could be Traithe?

It has been ages since I last read the Cycle of Fire, so my memories aren' t very fresh, but what I still remember vividly is how upset I was about the demise of that pirate lord. I am pretty sure I shed some tears over him back then. I guess I have somewhat of a soft spot for father-like pirates like him, similar with Avar, which is why I was overjoyed when he made an appearance in 'Peril's Gate'.

originally posted by Annette

Yes, the backside of 10 is Traithe with his Raven, the backside of card 19 is Sethvir. It was nice to see some of the early WoLaS art in the card collection.

I have read the Cycle of Fire Trilogy a few times, once a long time ago and I brought them again about 7 years ago and eventually read them again. The Kielmark is the pirate you are thinking of.

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Not having dollars only English pounds if I ordered things using my English credit card would that work? The money would be converted into dollars?

originally posted by Annette

For the Paravia Web Store, special arrangements have to be made for credit cards I think, and there would be a minimum. I would recommend using Paypal, you do not have to do any converting or anything, it is all done for you. And a lot of retailers these days use Paypal.

originally posted by Hunter

Any foreign transaction can generally be billed direct to a credit card - it just gets converted at the rate the credit company deems which may not be as favourable as the current currency exchange rates. So your US dollar purchase would be converted into British pounds when it appears on your statement.

Paypal is really simple and offers purchase protection for the buyer. And I suspect the seller in that there is a level of validation that the credit card used is valid and the seller will see the funds.

originally posted by Gill

Thanks Hunter and Annette. Will try PayPal. Not trusted it before but believe your recommendations.

PayPal. Are you as irritated as I am by words that have capital letters in the middle of them - iPhone, iPad, iTouch? The world has gone mad. Feel the only sane one left on this planet.