Caithdein's oath

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Not sure if this is a spoiler exactly, but this seemed the best topic for this. I'm just re-reading TK and it occurred to me that there is a lot of mention of the Caithdein's oath but we never actually get to see it. I hope my memory isn't faulty and I'll encounter it in the book, but Janny, could you possibly provide the words of the oath? Thanks.

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The Oath that Jeynsya is expected and fated to swear didn't happen on the grounds that she was formally protesting Arithon as surviving, yet her father and predecessor not.

However, the Sorcerer's gift of Protection was sworn, upsetting her foundation she'd built her protest upon enough that she has questioned herself.

This is why she wishes to visit the s'Brydion, to have her opinions weighed by those not shackled to obeisance, yet having all pledged their loyalty to a foreign Prince.

That's my interpretation on it anyways…

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Isn't Jeynsa aiming to go to see the melhalla cathdein?

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Yes, but I wonder what the oath fully entails. We know it mostly involves a tie to the land and acting as a High King's conscience. I'm sure we'll find out more about the things the oath involves through the stories of Sulfin Evend and Jeynsa in SF, but I wondered what the actual words of the oath were.

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From the FAQ on the webpage (I found this by using the nifty search tool :smiley:):

Koriani Oath of Initiation as spoken in the Third Age of Athera:

"I (name), declare myself free to bind myself to the Koriani Order. From this breath, this moment, this word, until death, I exist to serve, this I vow. My hands, my mind, and my flesh, are hereby given to enact the will of the Prime Matriarch, whose whole cause is the greater good of humanity, this I vow. All ties of heart, of family, of husband and love to put aside, this I vow. And should I weaken, or falter, and come to forswear my commitment, all that I am shall be forfeit, body and mind. This I vow, no witness beyond the Prime Circle, no arbiter beyond the crystal matrix into which I surrender my Name and my imprint as surety through all my living days."

This oath CHANGED, from its prior form, due to the compact. Before the Koriathain established settlement on Athera, it was different.