Buddy read starting, March 2018

If anyone is interested in joining in with new readers - there is a buddy read going this month on GoodReads - I believe starting up March 15th, they're taking a roll call of interest now.

If you hanker for a re-read/want to encourage new interest - join the group and hop in!


I am hard at work on Song of the Mysteries but I will be avail for a Q and A for the group.

Buddy read for Curse of the Mistwraith is starting tomorrow (March 15th!) - they will be doing one volume of the series per month, kicking off every 15th of the month.

Here is the group holding the read:


If you join the group (it is open to everyone) then click on the sidebar - upcoming reads - you will see the discussion for Curse of the Mistwraith.

The more readers, the better!!! This is a huge and wonderful opportunity to share love for the series - and, also: Kobo in the UK has the title on sale in e book for L1.99 - so it's easy to bring a friend on board, too!

The read is starting now! Thanks for the old timer showing up and posting pointers. VERY HELPFUL! I am overcome with gratitude.

I've answered a question at length, also, in the Q and A thread - you can comment there, too.

Bless your participation, it really matters since this series is not the straightforward read some will expect - having folks in for re-read who are in the know is an immense boost, and I thank you for it. (Besides, it should be fun!)

originally posted by Brent Dubroc

It's a bit odd being referred to as an old timer (I'm assuming you're referring to my posts on the buddy read, at least) considering I've only read Curse of the Mistwraith and a handful of the satellite shorts, but I'm always glad to help out :smiley:

Brent - oh, wow, then the stuff that's in store for you if you continue!!! Just having a reader who's been through Mistwraith to the end makes you an old timer, in my book - not every reader survives the experience (grin)…it takes a smart mind and a clear eye for what is there and a rare (it would seem) ability to hold back your biases and opinions in favor of balanced perception - so my applause to you, your being there matters. And it looks like soon you will have good company! Already at least one of the readers contributing is seeing with the eye for detail and nuance that brings out the best in these books.

Bravo, folks! The buddy read of Curse of the Mistwraith won the story some new readers; looks like the series will CONTINUE in buddy read in that group, starting up again with Ships/Warhost on April 15th.

Brent: if you don't mind, could you get them to add Curse of the Mistwraith to the 'reading schedule' for the buddy read so that if late comers enter, they can find the threads for the first book and the Q & A???

Also: the GR glitch removed the thread for Curse of the Mistwraith from the book's page at GR and only the originating person (maybe the mods?) can restore that link…it would help newer readers find the discussion, which was a good one - will help the book along.

Thank you for doing SUCH a bang up job posting and I really look forward to seeing what you and the group make of the next installment.

THIS is exactly perfect for helping the books be seen. I appreciate it, and you readers, no end.

Thank you!

Brent - I see that the buddy reads list for April is set up, but they left off Ships of Merior/Warhost from the April 15th start date - might you request the mods correct the oversight if you are going to participate in the read?