Buddy Read for Ships/Warhost starting today (April 15/18

The buddy read for Ships of Merior and Warhost of Vastmark begins today on GoodReads, I am posting the link for Ships of Merior.


This is a very active group and the more discussion posts happen, the more folks are enticed to join in. I wish to thank ALL of you who joined in the last month for Mistwraith - I can honestly say, you made a difference, I could see the jump in the stats!! Visibility matters, thank you, thank you, thank you. We gained some very new and very enthusiastic readers. The folder for the series stays active, so anyone could jump into the volume 1 thread, too, at any time.

The series will be ONGOING, and I am also doing my re-read (as I write the last volume) in parallel with the group's. There is also an active Q and A thread.

Welcome and jump in! A question posted THERE will be seen far more widely than one here, since this chat brings in people already familiar with the books - that chat will be seen by the public at large.

Who's in the discussion? It is going well - there is one reader who's a little astray on who motivated the explosion in the S'Brydion armory…if there's a current reader who can join in on that, it matters who was actually responsible. :smiley:

Thanks, all!!

Folks are moving into Warhost of Vastmark if anyone wants to join the discussion - your contributions have been superb and it is so FABULOUS to share the experience with new readers.

Thanks to those who are participating!

You all who are participating in this discussion - thank you, it makes a big difference! Readers are now finishing up the book (one is about halfway) so if you want to jump in and discuss, it's a perfect time! I really appreciate all you are doing!!! There are a lot of readers in this group who are geared for complex fiction - many 'held off' on this discussion (mainly due to no audio/or time constraints) but if they see the activity and enthusiasm, we could gain a solid block of readers.

So all you are doing is very well appreciated, and it is fun watching a new crowd 'discover' the unveilings for the first time.