Broken Compact

originally posted by Alex kingston

This might have been asked before but I was wondering what exactly would happen if the Compact was broken. I see hints of it in Initiates Trial, but besides the permanent loss of the paravians would something more disastrous happen and what would that be.

originally posted by Annette

What you are looking for Alex can be found in Grand Conspiracy, both what the Fellowship would be required to do in response (pg 49-50 pb, 1999 ed), and what Morriel thinks she will gain (pg 439-440 pb, 1999 ed) if the compact is broken.

Basically if there was still a chance of saving the Paravians, the Fellowship would be forced to destroy humanity. I would think if there was no chance of saving the Paravians, the dragons would most likely destroy humanity.

originally posted by Annette

And after you came to terms with what was in Grand Conspiracy, there is Lysaer's intentions to break the compact in Perils Gate (pg 387), as well as the conversation on the previous few pages concerning the clans. Then you could have a go at re-reading Arithon's conversations with Davien in Peril's Gate (pg 764 pb) and Traitor's Knot's subchapter Wakening. (pg 66 pb 2005 ed.)

There were other mentions through out the books, but you would need to do a re-read of the entire series to pick them all up. I would recommend re-reading the series next year (or 2014 if it takes a while to write the next book), in preparation for Destiny's Conflict. A lot of things hinted at in the previous books will finally be seen and hopefully all explained in the next book. It is not possible to pick everything up in the books with just a few reads, so chances are some might have missed noticing some aspects of the story.

originally posted by Neil

Breaking compact I guess is where the magnetics of the planet are *seriously* disturbed to disrupt frequency / destroy lanes / mysteries

What I do not understand is how Koriani prime thinks she can challenge F7 and get away with it -does she think the F7 would fall aside due to exhaustion? She cannot get off world that quick i am assuming based on Asandir's understanding - what is her plan?

Quick question because I do not know where to put it: Is Etarra build somewhere it should not be ,ideally, but does not break compact?

originally posted by Annette

Athera'a frequency could maybe be affected by, the fall of Havish, Arithons death, the loss of the clans, the loss of Ath's adepts or something really nasty setting up shop near a lane, or disrupting the flow of a lane. Maybe even something less obvious like civilisation losing another of the virtues that binds the towers at Ithamon could upset the balance.

Building where you should not does not break the compact or has not so far, just interferes with the lane flow. It would I think break charter law, since previously they had needed permission to build in a new location. I am sure the Fellowship wasted no time rushing over there to alleviate the problem once they knew Etarra was being built. They had to also take precautions when Etarra's warded walls went up.


These new walls at Etarra are going to skew the free flow of the fifth lane, if our Fellowship doesn't walk over the ground there and give the earth her fair warning. At least one of us must go to reaffirm the lines that channel the subtle magnetics.
(Grand Conspiracy pg 340 current PB edition)

You have no idea how long it took me to dig that quote up.

I would think, eventually, Etarra and its warded walls are going to end up a pile of rubble, would be nice if the fountains and rose gardens remained, and the apple orchards returned. Be interesting to see what happens when that new city goes up on Daon Ramon, I would think only Lysaer would dare to build a city there. Maybe he gets to lose three cities, Avenor, Etarra and whatever his new one is going to be called. He builds there is will have some presumptuous name.

How Morriel or now Selidie thinks she will escape if she destroys the planet she is standing on I have no idea, I am sure she is insane, so maybe she never thought about that problem. I would think if she does something to make the flow of the mysteries fail, she will be without most of her power. She will be a long time trying to build a spaceship from scratch the hard way, unless she already knows of a working one kept some where. The Koriathain do not seem to have a power equal to that of the Biedar, who can move worlds and themselves with arcane abilities.

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All excellent points, Annette. I can imagine how long it took to find the quote. I'm just starting the reread of Fugitive Prince and ran across something that just blew me away, 'cause I had no memory of it - that the Paravians might have built blind spots into Sethvir's Earth Sense!

I've always wondered the same thing about Morriel. Where does she think she's going to go if the planet is destroyed, the compact broken? Apparently she doesn't know the F7 are bound to destroy humanity if that happens?

originally posted by Annette

She might not know that is what will happen, although the strange angle she seems to be taking, especially in Initiate's Trial seems a more personal attack. We have seen her attack Asandir, then Sethvir through her attack on Athera in Grand Conspiracy, which while insane seemed straightforward enough. Yet know she seems to be angling to get them to break their grand oath by protecting Arithon or Havish, or break the Law of the Major Balance by killing Lysaer or protecting Havish, all to prevent the compact being broken. Perhaps if Asandir or Sethvir had used force in the previous attacks she would have achieved the same end? She seems to be after the downfall of the Fellowship themselves, rather than just breaking the compact.

Considering how old Morriel was, she might have been Prime Matriarch when the rebellion occurred, I do not remember reading if she was or not. The Koriani were involved with starting that, maybe she us just aiming higher now.

There is a nice quote somewhere on what the Kralovir could achieve through Lysaer, but I cannot find it. If any one else can could they please post it. They might have had a slightly different angle in mind on how to break the compact, apart from trying to wiping out the clans and enslaving and feeding on Athera's born talent.

originally posted by Gary

There seem to be sensitive areas in all kingdoms, where a successful attack could result in a complete break of the Compact (e.g. the King's Grove in Selkwood, areas of Elkforest, among many others). It looks like one of the more likely ways (other than baiting the Fellowship) where Selidie might be able to cause a break. No wonder Koriathain are not welcomed by the clans; I wonder what destruction any initiate (even Elaira) under the control of the Waystone might be able to do…

I consider it slightly mysterious though; it almost seems like Selidie believes she could stand toe-to-toe with the Fellowship if the Compact were broken, and I don't quite believe that to be the case right now. Does she think her power will increase, or that of the Fellowship will decrease?

originally posted by Gary

Annette, loc 2952 of the Kindle edition, chapter "Obligation", when Sulfin Evend is at Althain Tower:


If Lysaer should fall victim to the Kralovir, the grey cult, the power its practitioners might seek to wield through him could compromise the very heart of Athera's deep mysteries.

I presume that their angle would be control over Light, I can't currently think of another option.

Edit: I guess there's some chance that his lineage could have a bearing, but being unattuned to the Land, and without Fellowship sanction, I don't think it likely.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks for finding it Gary, from that I can give a paper reference which is Traitor's Knot pg 149 current mass market paperback edition.

'Might seek to use through him'

So maybe not something he is doing or has done. Perhaps the necromancers could use the talents inherited from the s'Ahelas lineage to wreak more damage if they had gained control of Lysaer?

Lysaer was outcast so whatever the inheritance of s'llessid would be, I think Lysaer might have lost it. Lysaer is not sanctioned and has no crown attunements so I doubt they could make use of him that way. Certainly he has shown no talent for music or singing yet. And I am not sure prophecy and farsight would fit into the necromancers plans, although Morriel seems interested in obtaining a recruit with the s'Dieneval heritage.

I would guess either a gifted mage talent, or something to do with the fate of one or both brothers, that inducting Lysaer would ruin. Arithon seemed determined to save Lysaer right at the start of the story, even if he died for it. Maybe there is something else going on we have not clearly seen yet. We have not seen much of what Lysaer's eventual fate could be, other than what the Mistwraith has set him up to do.