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Hi Janny

Just thought I'd let you know that for some reason your books have become more noticeable/easily found in bookstores recently. I've been browsing a couple of times in the last week and wasn't purposely looking for any of your books when they seemed to grab my eye straight away. Don't know if you have some new distribution deal going on or there are some fans running around Brisbane Australia fiddling with the store displays or maybe the cover art is doing its job and the shop assistants are putting your books out because they look good … anyway, thought you'd be interested in the feedback.


Anna - wow - thanks for making my day! This is very nice news, and good for Stormed Fortress coming…becase THAT BOOK is going to put the explosive cap on everything in the arc, since Fugitive Prince.

I am putting those ending bits together even today.

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"I am putting those ending bits together even today."

Oh, goodness… did that give anyone else chills? :smiley:
I'm SO looking forward to this book!

(the other) Anna

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I don't know who started this, but some writer of SF or Fantasy has a legion of loyal fans who go around 'facing' his/her books in bookstores so that they are more noticeable (positioning them on the shelves with the covers facing out.) Mabye that's what's happening here!

(I will confess to having done this a few times with my favourite authors, Janny included!) :smiley:

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I'd like to do that too, but I don't get out much… I KNOW how to do it as well, having worked in a bookstore for a while!

Janny, you might want to talk to your publishers about Borders. I was there not too long ago, and I always check for your books - part and parcel of being a fangirl, making sure that "my" author's books are out for everyone to see - and I did not see ANY Wurts novels. Not Hardback OR trade or mass market paperback.

Blue - I need to know which Borders, not just the town, but the street address OR store number. Then I can do something about it.

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Okay Janny, here you go:

2000 South Commons
Federal Way, WA 98003

This is the store in the "Commons at Federal Way" which used to be known as Seatac Mall, and which MOST of the local population still refers to as Seatac Mall. They just moved into the mall a few months back, but I think they need a little persuading to get your books stocked. I hope they do.

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That's strange. I know in the UK Borders (Birmingham) Janny's books are displayed quite prominantly. Also to add to the 'becoming more noticeable' one bookshop/newsagents over here Whsmiths has, since Traitor's Knot's paperback release, started stocking Janny's books which they never had done before.

The stocking patterns in the UK, where HarperCollins has stayed with their commitment may widely differ from the US, where the series has changed publication houses Twice.

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Yep borders in Norwich in Norfolk Uk have Janny's books so do most of the bookshops i frequent, although they don't seem to have everyone of the series. They all seem to have curse, then it seemes to be PG and TK.

Janny not knowing anything about publishing why has the american publishers changed twice?

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No bookstores here in Oman stock any of Janny's books have to order through Amazon. Can't even get them in Dubai as far as I know

Once, because the editor moved to a different house. Once again, because of sweeping changes in the industry; or the lack of them.

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I have been seeing a lot of more of Janny's paperbacks on the shelves too at the stores I go to. I thought wow great for Janny. I hope that means they were selling like hotcakes there. I noticed this also but maybe they do this right before a new book is expected. I know I see readers buying Janny's paperbacks often in the stores. I've talked to a few of them about the series. It's fun to run into a fan of Janny's at the stores.

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I was just at my local B&N the other day, and they had none of your books. Even though it's located in the mall, it's a huge store, so there's no reason why they shouldn't have had them. Here's their address:

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Stonebriar Mall
2601 Preston Rd #1204
Frisco, TX 75034


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The bookstores here have had few of your books. Sometimes they may have one. The Barnes & Nobles only had one -one copy of FP. When TK came out I had them order it for me instead of buying it online. I wanted them to know people were interested in the book. I have looked for your books in the following stores. I need to buy a new copy of COTM as I have loaned it out so often it is worn. I loan out COTM to get people started on the series and get them to buy the whole series. You are the Greatest.

Barnes & Nobles ( I buy most of my books here)
1145 Seaboard Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Books A Million
Colonial Mall
10177 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Books A Million
Coastal Grand Mall
800 Coastal Grand Circle
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Books A Million
Inlet Square Mall
10125 Hwy 17 Bypass
Garden City, SC 29576

Waldens Books
4720-B Hwy 17S
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Waldens Books ( I buy some books here)
Colonial Mall
Hwy 17 N
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Susan - Thank you - I will send on this list.

Appreciate the research.

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Just thought I'd add that bookstores in Cape Town SA do stock a few of the WoLaS titles, mostly CoTM.

My parents just visited, which means huge readathons in bookstores in the vicinity over cups of tea and coffee. So I was able to check. :smiley:

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It's not a bookstore, Janny, but I happened to log onto "NoveList" - an "on-line resource" / "electronic database" that my library subscribes to this morning.

Just for fun, I searched for your books and noticed that the most recently published book they show is To Ride Hells Chasm…no Traitor's Knot… (of course I sent in a feedback query as to why it was missing.) (I'm not sure how they find out about and add new titles…)

However, I am curious about something…In the NoveList info about a title they list a number of things - their rating - out of 4 stars (your books rate well), some book reviews AND a number of "subject categories" that one can select and then search to find similar titles. To Ride Hells Chasm has a huge list of subjects. The WoLaS titles have only one or two - often just Fantasy Fiction - American!

This made me remember that the library on-line catalogue also lists "subject categories" - again used in searching for other titles. To Ride Hells Chasm shows several - not the whole list that NoveList showed - and Traitor's Knot and a couple of other WoLaS that I checked have NONE. Now, I'm not sure how often people use subject searches, but I have found new authors that way before…

Does the publisher come up with the subject categories or someone else - such as NoveList? In this electronic age, it might be a useful marketing tool…


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Hey, Janny. I was browsing my store's computer the other day to see what books of yours I could get, and was fairly shocked to discover that only 3 were available, with the rest listed as out-of-print.

Since I work at a Barnes & Noble, and the computer searches the company database, I'm a bit worried and unhappy.

The only ones on offer were Traitor's Knot, To Ride Hell's Chasm, and Warhost of Vastmark, I believe. None of the rest were available at all.

I work at store # 2116

Kierland Commons
7030 E Greenway Parkway Ste 150
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Hope this helps!

(sidenote: where can I find another copy of Mistwraith? Mine got eaten somewhere…)

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Sarah, I have an extra mass market paperback copy of Mistwraith that is in like new condition and looking for a home.

You can e mail me privately, and we can work out a trade or a sale if you want.