Bookshop update help

Hi guys -

Stephe's asked some help on monitoring distribution in the USA - could anyone visiting bookshops on this side check to see if they are shelving copies of Traitor's Knot, and To Ride Hell's Chasm?

If NOT, would you mind sending the name and precise location of the store to (email removed)?

This would immensely help them target which areas the distribution is not reaching. I'd appreciate your sharp eyes, wherever your roam, bookshopping.

Thanks in Meisha's behalf, and mine.

originally posted by Kitsune

Happy to do my part! If I make it out the bookstores soon, I'll try and check.

Here in the Boston, MA area, I usually see at least some of Jannys' stuff in stock at most stores. (Most stores carry the "Empire" trilogy, and at least the first book of WoLaS. I've also seen the "Cycle of Fire" omnibus in at least a few stores, too.)

I'll make it a point to check on "Traitors Knot" and "Hells Chasm" when I can, though.

This would be a great help!
Appreciate your caring.

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Kitsune, you live in Boston also? Where at? I'm currently in Porter Sq.

Janny, no need to worry, all the bookstores here do a pretty good job of stocking your stuff. I know I've seen your stuff in all the bookstores I frequent, which would be all of the major bookstores in Boston proper and Cambridge.


"Seen stuff" - specifically, we need profiles on Traitor's Knot and To Ride Hell's Chasm. I know the mass market titles are regular.

originally posted by Kitsune

I'm currently in Waltham, a small town not too far from Boston proper. (Probably about a half-hour out.)

Anyone else in the Boston area? Maybe we can arrange a get-together. :smiley:

originally posted by Mary


I know that I have seen both titles at the Chapters Stores in the Vancouver / Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. Doing a quick check on-line, the stores I usually check show "temorarily out of stock" for the paperback edition.

If I am remembering correctly, I have not seen any of your books at the Black Bond Books stores.

Mary - thanks. I will pass on what info you have sent.

originally posted by Iris


I have not seen TK in the Orlando area book stores at all. They do tend to have the previous works in both paperback and occasionally a hardcover. I will keep an eye open and let you know.


Iris: thanks, but, unless I have the actual street address and name of the store, I can't do a thing.

There are a lot of bookstores in Orlando! :smiley:

And Meisha Merlin is correcting the distribution through channels, thus, we need the actual addresses or, in the case of a Barnes and Noble, the store number will also do.

originally posted by Wayne


B&N #2692
624 S Green River Rd
Evansville, IN 47715

Does not have either title in stock.