Book binding issue

originally posted by Judy

I've been rereading Destiny's Conflict, using my hardcover copy for the first time instead of my e-book. I've encountered what is an error in the book binding process. Pages 301 through 323 have been replaced by a second set of pages 269 - 300, right down to the page numbers. The imprint reads as a 2017 first edition from Harper Collins UK but I received it as a gift from my nephew who pre-ordered it from Amazon US.

I mostly wanted to bring it to Janny's attention, so she's aware of a problem. I'm also curious what others suggest as the best way to get a corrected copy.

Thanks, Judy

I recall this being mentioned in one of the initial Amazon reviews for the book. Someone who worked at Harper Collins posted this:

Apologies that you received a mis-printed copy, Gina. My name is emma [sullivan] and I work for HarperCollins. If you could contact our customer service department at (email removed) or call 1-800-242-7737 we'd be happy to arrange to send you a new book.

Oh that is ugly, and an author's (and readers'!!) worst nightmare horror story, Judy!

No question, HarperCollins will replace it!! If they don't (and they will, I've seen them stand by their product before) do let me know ASAP!

originally posted by Judy

Janny, luckily I have my e-book to fill in that spot :slight_smile:

Brian, thanks for the info. I'll get in touch with HK support.