Black Bargain

This is the title for the new story, being penned NOW for the kickstarted anthology, Evil is A Matter of Perspective.

The reveals in it will overturn a whole pile of assumptions. Brace for it.

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Thanks for the update Janny. Sounds like something Morriel would get up to there.:smiley:

Into the final polish stage for Black Bargain, which I hope to turn in soon after the weekend.

Then, by gosh, I NEEDS A BREAK from the words!!! The artwork is going to be so much fun, though there is such a layer of dust in the paint brushes I'm going to have to be cleaning, first.

Don is away at Illuxcon, so if anybody lives near Redding, this is a totally FANTASTIC show of fantasy art - blindingly glorious, the best of the best are exhibiting. I believe it is free over the weekend, held at the Goggleworks.

Manuscript out to proofing. On target for submission on Monday.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks for the update Janny, looking forward to reading it next year.

Story went in yesterday and verified it was received…now the ball is in the editor's court.

Edits are back for Black Bargain - it's all teensy nits and comma touch ups, YAY. The story will go back today - so it's all go for Evil is a Matter of Perspective.

Here is your hint: Davien.

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I can think of two things I would be really interested in from Davien's perspective. Just how did he convince King Kamridian to walk into Kewar, and what did he hope would result. And what was Davien thinking stirring up the trouble that resulted in that rebellion. Think it will be the latter, interesting to see what bargains were made, and who was conniving with who and why. I got the impression from the books, that bloodbath is not what Davien was expecting to happen, although it certainly unseated the royal scions.

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Davien has already explained the rebellion to Arithon. (as usual with Janny, it takes five reads to catch these things)

(spoiler-ish? from Stormed Fortress I think)
The rebellion was his Havens. He clearly meant that he saw "the future" and thought he could avoid it by causing the rebellion. He admitted he was wrong, just as Arithon was with The Havens.

Bwahaha! snort. :smiley: :X - as if that one comment told 'everything'… I am anticipating this release with great glee.

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JW, I am beginning to wonder if you might be your own protagonist in this story…

Evil, evil woman (in a good way)!

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Agreed. Evil. 304 days.

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There be at least one dragon in the story! Don Maitz did the artwork. n-anthology-of-an/posts/1779611?ref=backer_project_update

Looks golden to me, with a second dark coloured maybe black dragon, but hard to be sure in a B&W image. Are we maybe getting Davien's bargain with Seshkrozchiel? Or a bargain made earlier? Seshkrozchiel's mate Haspastion (black thunder) might have been black. I do not recall any dragons being mentioned in the time of the rebellion. There was a war with dragons in our missing time period, while Arithon was imprisoned, could also be that.

Don Maitz did not do the artwork for Black Bargain…he did the artwork for The Decoy; this image was totally another artist's work.

And yes, there will be huge reveals in this little story.

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Oops, sorry about that Janny, got overly excited about the dragon and lost my head. Jason Deem was the artist?

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After reading Black Bargain, I can only say: I heart Davien.
Eagerly awaiting Destiny's conflict now.

Release day news!

Facebook post:

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They released the digital version a bit earlier, since the book was delayed a bit. Black Bargain was interesting, but still left more questions than answers. Looking forward to the main meal after that Davien spiced appetizer.

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enjoyed this one :slight_smile: thanks janny - seems that the reasons characters do things can be a surprise…davien's havens quote springs to mind…

I am still trying to see who is pulling whose strings…and what may be resolved in WaLoS and what might not…

i think there were a lot of references that a casual reader of black bargain just would not get though but hey…not my problem :wink:

I have a couple of questions but these are perhaps spoilers for another day…and who knows perhaps DC will answer :slight_smile:

Destiny's Confict will connect a few more dots; some other things in a HUGE way…you'll see.

Yes, I know there is alot the casual reader won't possibly get…unavoidable. But the theme of the book - Davien's case fitted it so very very well, and it WAS about telling a story from a bigger story from another perspective. Since Wars of Light and Shadows already does this (it has no 'black villain' Davien's story was the most likely case, and answered the most reader questions, I thought…

The interconnections in this whole series are SO knotted together, any story I try to tell will unavoidably answer things/leave some readers (unfamiliar ones) in the dark, and also reveal LOADS of other stuff - so I have to be careful to keep away from threads that will be ripped wide open in upcoming volumes…not always easy! Simpler, actually, to just write an unrelated story from scratch, as in one that ties in, EVERTHING matters, all of the little things and all of the big things, and if I misplace the actual date of an event, it causes this mess of a cascade. So actually researching the fit so it's seamless can take me weeks.

I would really like to release a companion volume of short works to the big series that reveals some of the key points of the back history. The question always becomes: how much to stall out on the draft of the going novel to make it happen. These were crammed inbetween, and yes, slowed down the start of Song of the Mysteries; but they had a hefty and needed paycheck attached. Not to mention, hopefully will whet interest for the series and the new release upcoming.

So glad you enjoyed it!