Black Bargain audiobook

Hi guys, thank you all for the beautiful new forum, it looks gorgeous.

Now it’s possible that I have just been out of the loop but I was on today and noticed that Evil is a matter of perspective popped up as an audible book. I was a little confused, I’d never heard mention of it and it had never appeared when I was looking for Janny’s works so I checked my audible app (UK marketplace) using the title and low and behold it’s there.

Janny isn’t listed as one of the author’s on the app but Black Bargain has definitely been recorded as one reviewer highlights it.

I’m just wondering if there’s a way to get Janny listed so that the work actually appears under her author’s works when you search audible? It would also help people who have listened to the audiobook better find her other works, potentially bringing a wider readership in.

It looks like this is also the case on US Amazon – Janny is listed explicitly as an author for the print/ebook versions, but not the audiobook edition. There used to be a visible link for reporting inaccurate book data on Amazon, but I don’t see it on first skim of the page.

Thanks for having a look, Brian. I might send an email through to them (if I can work out where to send it).

This also seems to have happened with The Decoy (Unfettered II), Janny is listed on the e-book side of things but not on the audiobook side (via links etc.).

I have to say, although I have some qualms with some of the female voices chosen by the Black Bargain narrator, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Davien’s voice is almost spot perfect for the voice chosen by the narrator in Destiny’s Conflict and although the accent he chooses for Toler is not one I would have chosen, after listening I almost can’t think of a different one.

As for the Decoy, there can be no doubt that the narrator is thoroughly enjoying himself.

The two narrators are vocally very different but very much know their trade (as they should) and it seems a shame that these two audio’s are separated from Janny’s other work.