Big Changes

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(Though considering the topic you should alrady know that!)

After reading the part where Arithon sends the iyat back at the Koriani waystone through through the link created by Selidie through Lirenda and the jewel is stressed to the point where "the irrevocable change would alter the quartz matrix and shift the sphere's frequency and alignment" I was left wondering.

Does this mean that the Waystones signature will have changed enough that Athera will no longer recognise it and so be unable to refuse any forced spellcraft laid through the jewels matrix? Did Arithon unwittingly give selidie back the power that was curbed by Sethvir? Or would the change not affect the crystals Name in any significant way?

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Trys ~

This might be a topic heading that could be considered a spoiler.

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Thanks… title has been changed. :smiley:

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Spoiler? Maybe.

The reason Athera could not recognise the Waystone in the first place is because the Waystone was originally mined off planet. It came along with the Koriani refugees, and so was not native to the planet. Sethvir made it so Athera could recognize the Waystone. Now, there is an iyat in it and the stone has changed. But, these changes occurred ON Athera. since they occurred on the planet, the planet should still be able to recognize the stone.

I dunno about it's Name, though. Someone else?

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I was rereading a part from TK last night…right after Sulfin's initial rescue of Lysaer, Lysaer is "obliged" to resist scrying for Arithon. He seems to be resisting the curse here freely even if it's because he fears the necromancers :wink:

Sethvir meanwhile fears the townborn politics / necromancer could seriously(?) break the compact suddenly (I forget the exact wording)…

Anyone have ideas how this could happen?

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I'm slotting this in quickly at work… hurried typing… excuse the rambling…

I'm wondering at the significance of both Arithon and Elaira having been in the presence of Paravians, and surviving. Isn't this the same as the test given to the clanborn leaders…?

And also - if Paravian grace saved Arithon from the necromancer - helped him to transcend all barriers and escape…

Elaira was 'marked' by a living paravian - I wonder if she can call on that to free herself from the binding of the waystone…

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My understanding is that all she has to do to break her tie to the waystone is request of the F7 that this happen. Hence all their hints at various points.

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I was curious as to whether Kharadmon removed the pregnancy cipher that Seldie placed on Elaria? That was a rather nasty little trick she played there and the ramifications of having that union so crudely ripped apart were never fully explored. I understand that Arithon and Elaria were joining in mind and soul with the land through his blood tie to it…

I also wondered if that then made any connection between Elaria and the land through her connection to Arithon? It seems to me that with each meeting between herself and Arithon, their peril increases BUT Elaria seems to be working towards a point in time when she will be able to cast off her oath to the Koriani.

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Vicki - She can ask the F7 - but hasn't thought of it yet - wonder if she will instead, find her OWN way of freeing herself from it - she has latent ability.

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I have a feeling that Elaira doesn't really have to 'ask the F7' if she were to voice the desire aloud, thereby invoking her free will, Sethvir would hear through the Earthlink and unless there was absolutely no one to send, she would be freed forthwith.


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Surely Arithon would have thought of this and told her - or would that not be allowed?


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Maybe she can just 'talk' to the Skyron herself? I don't think the Skyron enjoys its bondage any more than any other Koriathan.

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skeoke - that's what I'm kinda hoping for… it's one thing to be freed, another to free oneself - and that might lead to her being able (as the F7 clearly think she's capable) to work with the Waystone & Skyron…

But then… what would happen if she learned all that knowledge - with the potential of also breaking the compact…

I really look forward to more on Elaira's growth…

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Actually I do believe that Elaira still has the pregnancy cipher. It was wound into her aura right above her hip i do believe. Thing is that while Arithon may have forgiven them i have a feeling that Elaira has been waiting a long time and is feeling quite a bit pissed and while she understands the risks she feels that they could of risked it because the birth or conception of hte child, she would have told arithon and refused to obey her order. She feels that the order has strayed mightily from the mercy and compassion that it was founded on.

Say any guesses on her rank now? I remember somewhere that her talents were a match for arithon's making them more full to each other… or is that inreading? "enchantress to his enchanter" I'm pretty sure that she could master the Great Waystone if such was her goal at the moment if only under the LoMB… wonder if that means that she might be able to resist the Prime Sigil as well wouldn't that be interesting!