Beyond the Cycle of Fire

originally posted by Hanzkaz

A long, long time ago after I finally got to the end of the 'Cycle of Fire' trilogy, I got the impression that the real fun was just about to get started. In fact that was what I originally thought that 'The Wars of Light and Shadow' was going to be about.

Now with two Arcs of THAT series still left to complete, I know it's way too early to ask, but have you ever considered writing a series, (not just a book) about the later adventures of Jaric and Co, perhaps taking place near the end of their quest to free mankind. I've read most of your books so far (Still have to get hold of 'Traitor's Knot'), but, I suspect like a lot of your fans, felt that 'the Cycle' was only the beginning of the main story.

It would be interesting to see what the characters would be like, now that they're older and more mature. Like how they've changed over the years, how they've gone from talented youngsters to the saviours of all mankind, their relationship with each other, maybe even their children (who probably call the Stormwarden 'Grandpa' Anskiere), their AI, the aliens and the rest of humankind, and how they've gotten used to living with advanced technology on a vast starship, and and so on.

Just wishful thinking, but since you are one of those authors who DOES listen to fans…

Hanzkar - it is fully outlined, but not written, with no plans in place, as of the moment. I'd like to do this one at some point, though - it will be titled Starhope, and it is, definitively, Anskiere's story. Whether I do get to spinning this tale entirely depends on how things schedule out, and the story's relevance to the thrust of my creativity.

originally posted by Hanzkaz

Thank you for answering. I'll be keeping an eye out, just in case you decide to take a bit of a break from Athera to see how the Stormwarden and his companions are doing.

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Add me to the list of folks eager to see more of Keithland.

originally posted by Auna

I would love to see the earlier stuff involving Anskiere myself, though any stories are certainly welcome!

I have no intention of writing a prequel. Starhope is sequel to Shadowfane.