Batting 1000 - new Athera story

Well - some nice news today.

Of five short stories written last year, all five are projected to reach print and publication.

The last one (under considered submission since December) has been "claimed" for an upcoming anthology - and is now awaiting the contract.

It IS another Athera story - another scrap of solid material to appease you starving fans! Yes, it will shed more light on the world, this series, and give you another "angle" of view that will play thru into parts of Stormed Fortress.

Once I have contract details squared away, and publication date, etc, I will post further tidbits.


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Excellent! Looking forward to it. I enjoyed Child of Prophecy a lot.

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Janny ~

I love it when you say "YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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Details, Janny, details!

Details -

The story is called Reins of Destiny, and the agreement was just signed today.

As soon as I have a pub date and more info, I will start a topic with the story's title.

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Blue, I'll see your :smiley:, and raise ye a :smiley: NOWAI!!!

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"Reins of destiny" - Another story with lots of horsies? :smiley:

I love reading scenes describing either sailing or riding, because there is obviously lots of expertise on display, and there is a great sense of joy with both activities, even when the situation is desperate - such as Arithon's Odyssey in PG, or the plight of the Arrow, the ship Talith commissioned, which Arithon proceeded to raid.

Projected publication date for this story will be December 2007 - I will post more in depth in due time.

Just back from "pirates in paradise" the reenactment weekend in Key West Florida. There were pictures taken — !

We had a powder keg full of fun, and did some sailing on the Wolf to boot!

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Janny its August any word on this?
Thanks John

John -

Reins of Destiny is coming out in the Solaris Book of Fantasy – I've been waiting for the publisher to give me a cover image - and confirm the pub date, which was given as December some months back.

Maybe there's a listing for it now. They did a volume of Science Fiction last year.

More news as I get it.

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If it is "The Solaris Book of Fantasy by George Mann it is listed with picure on Amazon with a November 27 release date.

No listing yet on who the contributing authors are. :frowning_face:

Maybe if they update it

And took a look at the scifi one that came out earlier… I put both in my cart :smiley:


Wayne - it is that book.
The SF collection got splendid reviews. The fantasy one looks to be as good (I have seen the list) :smiley:

Here's the webpage at Solaris books for the anthology that includes Reins of Destiny - order away!

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Thanks for the link, Janny! :smiley:

Any chance of an American edition too?

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This edition is listed at and I believe (Janny correct me if I'm wrong) is the worldwide edition.


Solaris does distribute worldwide, so there's no difficulty for the US readers - this publication should be available everywhere.

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Here is the Amazon link. 261-1731609?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1189839422&sr=8-1