Basis for Athera Philosophy

originally posted by David Cornelson

One of the things that has always resonated with me within Wars of Light and Shadow is the philosophy in the treatment of people, animals, and the land.

I've read a number of books by Kathleen and Michael Gear, usually entitled "People of the …" ( where they theorize what life was like at the dawn of North American civilization.

Recently I've been doing research on the Roma (gypsies) and there is a very similar vibe to how they view the world.

It would seem Athera has some kinship to these philosophies and I was wondering how you (Janny) decided to integrate the philosophy of nature and balance into your stories and what influenced your decisions.

Lots and lots of reading - non fiction, and some obscure metaphysical works, and as you said: life itself. The concepts are far from unique…the real effort was made, here, to separate them from dogma or any one angle of view.

And a lot of it also came from physics, very directly - an angle I've seldom seen discussed.