Author's copies are HERE!

It's a BOOK!

And - gorgeous…very pretty hardback, and they even put the icon artwork in color on the back flap.

I am proud and thrilled to acknowledge the publication of Initiate's Trial!

Now - as you readers get yours, have at the spoiler topic! It will be so much fun to watch your reactions after all this hard work, on my part, and my publisher's.

originally posted by Clansman

Congrats, Janny. You deserve to feel very proud at this moment. Can't wait till my copy arrives.

Take a good little bask in the sunlight for a moment, just long enough to refresh yourself. Then, back to work on Destiny's Conflict. CHOP CHOP! :smiley:

originally posted by Sarolta

First of all, congratulations! Writing a book of this scope with so much care is really something you can be proud of.

Now, some nagging: Copies? May I jump to the conclusion that you will bring those to Lucca?
I thought about bringing one of the books I own to ask for your signature (most probably Hell's Chasm or Traitor's Knot, the only hard covers I bought new, the others are used, and not in the best condition), but if you can bring at least one of these gorgeous pretty hardbacks to Lucca…
Okay, I know I can also order it from one of the online sellers (but it wouldn't arrive on time), or hunt it down in the bookshops of Florence (a chancy bet). But, still is it possible?
On not so desperate a tone, what are those other books you will have? My copy of Sorcerer's Legacy is quite battered so I would be interested in a new one.
And can I reserve a medium sized poster of the tree? I will be there on Sunday to get it.
Okay, I'm finished, I hope I'm not too much of a bother…

PS. if bribes are necessary, I can make very delicious cookies (well a batch of gingerbred - the Hungarian version - are already in progress, I hope you don't hate it)

Can't fit any books in the luggage, sadly. But there are a few copies of Sorcerer's Legacy in the box sent over in advance.

I also have a few Hell's Chasm and some of the series.

Wow – gingerbread???

originally posted by Paige Christie


I am SO excited. Favorite Author + Favorite Series + New Book = ECSTASY!

I have the book pre-ordered in hardback from both Amazon UK and Amazon USA and will be downloading an eBook ASAP. I can't wait delve in again and explore more of your glorious prose. I am dancing on pins and needles for what happens next and what has happened while we were away from Athera…

CONGRATULATIONS a thousand times over!

originally posted by Sarolta

Okay, I'll order Initiate's Trial HC on Monday before I leave for Venice :smiley:
Definitely interested in those copies of Sorcerer's Legacy, Hell's Chasm I have both in HC and PB (other duplicates are Traitor's Knot and Peril's Gate).

The gingerbread we make is called Transylvanian Gingerbread, and since we make it a bit thin some people call it honey-chips. And I'm quite good at the glazing (of course not as good as the professionals). We make lots of it during Christmas, giving it to friends and family. Actually it's quite funny, because our friends also make gingerbread, but other versions, so sometimes we have many different kinds of gingerbread at home :smiley:

originally posted by Sundancer

Congratulations Janny! Joining in the jubilation, having lurked in by chance.

Many celebrations - isn't it wonderful to have it as a real thing in your hands. I hope you have a BIG party.

I've read the first chapter up on your website - the prose is so beautiful, have to read it carefully to absorb it. Mind blowing sideways already, even though some of my guesses were right, other resolutions are totally unexpected.

Now have to order the book.

originally posted by Joy

Congratulations Janny! Delighted that Initiates Trial will soon be in my hands :smiley: I'm going cross-eyed on the re-reads as life got in the way of my carefully timed re-read of the series and I am now against the clock and reluctantly dragging myself to work and allowing minimum sleeping hours so as not to delay the pleasure of Initiate's Trial… Funny how you can wait a couple of years only to find an extra day or two unbearable! :smiley::smiley:

originally posted by PurplePenny

My copy arrived this morning but I haven't been able to start it yet as family have been here all day celebrating my mum's birthday.

It's now 10:50 pm and I'm really tired but I'm not good at patience, I don't think I can wait till tomorrow morning to start!

Just one chapter…

originally posted by Pablo Krause

Great job Janny and congratulations from Germany! :smiley:)

This is so wonderful, it's here *jumping up and down*! First time i'm holding one those books in my hands on par with the relase date since i started reading the series in… in … 1998? Reminds me of those times i went to cinema watching Star Wars and all fans shouted with glee right in the beginning. This book looks at me like a Koriathain crystal wispering 'read me, read me' … BUT… i have to write my master thesis … *grumbling*

So i'd like to ask if it were possible to mail this piece of art for a little signature?

with best regards

Wow, what a welcome home!

Just back, jet lagged, from the phenominal trip to Lucca in Tuscany, and the warm hospitality of the Lucca crew who run the Comics and Games Fair. Let me tell you, they know how to throw an incredible party and make a guest feel like extended family.

I am thrilled to see all the old and new faces chiming in, here - even Pablo Krause from Germany! and let me also add firsthand that Sarolta's gingerbread IS FABULOUS! Thank you for stopping at the booth in Lucca for a visit - yum, I have been eating cookies, and sharing the wonders of them with friends all week - and the rest of the box even made it home, to finish off in the days to come. Sarolta: the best fun was looking up 'gingerbread' in the Italian/English dictionary so the sharing was informed enjoyment!

Welcome, all, to Initiate's Trial, and as I catch up with your impressions, know I am enjoying each and every one of your responses. Keep them coming, they are a very rich reward for much hard work, and many things kept 'behind the curtain' as it were, since I can't share WHAT I am writing until release reveals all.