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I was wondering. Do you have any plans or thoughts regarding audio versions of this series? As someone whose only free time happens to be in the car to and from work, I would love to hear these stories and pick up where I left off reading.

Thanks for the excellent series! I hope you are able to see this project through to its conclusion. I personally think this is one of the most innovative fantasy series I've every read.

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Nadeem -

Thanks for your nice words and enthusiasm. There are no plans for an audio edition at this moment because we have had no offer for the audio rights.

What can you do? Write to your favorite Audio Books company and make a customer request for those titles you want. They do listen to customers, and if enough requests add up, they often will look into production.

I am pleased to announce that Audible has picked up the Audio rights for all three volumes The Cycle of Fire trilogy.

Stay tuned for the release date!

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AWESOME!! I can't wait!

Welcome here Jan Michael Barlow -

The narrator for the story will be David Thorpe and the release will be very soon!

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If "Wars of Light and Shadow" was ever translated into Finnish, there would be one perfect narrator for it - his name is Jarmo Heikkinen. He's actually better than most English ones I've heard. XD

Well, wish for it - :smiley:

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There are posts about audiobooks and audio rights
in topics specific to individual books in this series.

Right now, with Destiny's Conflict newly off the presses,
posts are being exchanged about an audio version of that book alone.